Friday, October 14, 2016


Age: 26

Hello PC-tizens. I am 26 years old and currently in long distance relationship. I met my bf from an online app and started dating since 3 months ago. We only met twice [spent few days together each meeting] since we are country apart. He is kind to me and all but.... I recently found out that he is still keeping in contact with his married ex. The ex even called him with sweet nickname... The day on our 2nd meeting, they even went to movie together.. I asked my bf if he still has any feeling left towards his ex but he said no. He only got in contact with her because she fought with her husband and ask for help from my bf to repair her hand phone. I argued about them going to movie together but he said they are only friend now. The ex mentioned to him that she would want a divorce and get back together with him but my bf said, he told her to fix her relationship with her husband. My bf said, his heart aches for me and for the ex. I asked him to choose between me and her and his answer was he has no choice but to choose me, but even if he has, his choice would still be me.. I kinda got insomnia because of this. The girl is living in the same country with him but I live so far... I keep thinking whether they spent time together behind me when we are not together.

What should I do so that I won't keep thinking of the worst scene?? I really love him so much and I don't wanna lose him, especially to the ex.

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