Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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Hello PC-tizens!! :D

We hope that the majority of you guys are done with finals! ^^ We recently did a dance cover on Seventeen's new song 'Boom Boom' recently and we believe that this is one of the covers that made us the proudest XD Since we haven't really shared our covers in this blog for awhile, this was a good opportunity to do so!

Of course we're not forcing you guys to watch it, but if you do so, it will be much appreciated since we dedicated a lot of hard work into it! ^^

Also, we are entering in the 1TheK 'Boom Boom' contest (for those who are curious, we have to separately apply through another form, so we're not sure if YT views count that much...) so please wish us luck :D

Lastly, good luck to everyone else who is participating! If you guys want a shout out, you can post your videos below and we'll include it in the article ^^

Have a nice day and stay warm wherever you are! :D

- PC admins


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