Sunday, September 10, 2017


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Hello PC-tizens! ^o^)/

Some of you may know by now but back in June, we entered a dance competition with some of our friends for the 2017 Kpop World Festival held by KBS! We very luckily won first place and seriously didn't imagine that we would be picked to be sent to Korea! :D

So KBS asked us to make a PR video and we're not really sure yet what they want us to do with the video exactly, but if you could like it and RT it, it would mean a lot to us! :D

You can also follow our Twitter @1PCE_ (yes, we're big One Piece fans ^///^)

It may be a bit unrelated but...

2014-16 were definitely one of the most difficult years we've lived through, in terms of personal issues and other stuffs..  BUT! 2017 really changed our lives around, and winning this contest, among other things, just proves that life will get better one day! :D If ever you are feeling down, tired or think that there is no way out, there is ALWAYS a way out! (Our example with the contest might be a bit weak XD but this post will become too TLDR if we write down everything XD)

We'll be leaving Canada on the 19th and returning on October 2nd! We're not really sure of our schedule yet but we'll try to blog as much as we can and we'll try to update you guys on our life in Korea if you guys want to (or if you guys have other suggestions, you can comment below) :D

Hope that you guys stay safe and healthy wherever you are and thank you for always supporting this blog! ^o^)/ ^3^)/

- PC twin admins


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