Sunday, June 17, 2018


Hi PC-tizens!! ^^

Once again, thank you for your feedback from last post :D
we know we're supposed to do this on a monthly basis but we got a little busy with the Korea trip so please forgive us!!😥😥

For people who have been asking us again and again😂😂
Our camera is a Canon EOS 70D (here)
As for filters, we use VSCO's free filters XD (mostly A6, G3 and HB2! But we play a lot with the side features such as lighting, saturation, etc)
And the editing app on computer is Photofiltre and Medibang Paint (free stuffs are the best👌👌)

For this KPOP fashion challenge, we asked our friend from East2West, ANH💕💕 to do it with us, since she's really into fashion too 😉😉
PS: check out her Instagram for her awesome dance covers and aesthetic pics💛💚💙

Since a lot of people have been requesting it from the older posts, we tried doing a girl version this time :)
Hope you guys enjoy! And don't hesitate to send us recommendations for our next challenge 💪💪

1. IU outfit #1

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « IU 170909 »

IU outfit #2

2. Hyuna outfit #1

Hyuna outfit #2

(sorry for the crappy quality TT_TT but her outfit was so pretty ><)

3. Krystal outfit #1

Krystal outfit #2

Thank you for reading 💘
Little hint for next time: 4 members group 😏😏

If you guys want to participate, 
Send your outfits here!
Résultats de recherche d'images pour « dog pointing up »

Challenge Master List: 
1. Wanna One (here)
2. BTS (here)
3. Female idols (IU, Hyuna, Krystal)

As always, stay safe PC-tizens and thank you for your support! ^_^ <3

- PC admins


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