Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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  • j129****
    last time, you stuck him with Yoseob and this time it's Hyunseung..I like both of them..I'll support both of them♡
    2015.05.05 오후 2:58 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • swc0****
    it's not because of the performance but more because they both have powerful singing abilities that people are really looking forward!!! They both have their own individuality so it's meaningless to compare. ㅎㅎJang Hyunseung Kim Sunggyu fighting!!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:36 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • tjru****
    Looking forward!!! Both of them are talented signers!!!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:33 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • wjdd****
    looking forward to Jang Hyunseung's stage
    2015.05.05 오후 3:06 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • bear****
    I wonder what kind of sexy image Jang Hyunseung will have in his stage!!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:11 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • uja_****
    but Sunggyu's concept is not sexy this time..? ? Looking at his Kontrol teaser, it looks more like a refreshing concept. Anyways I support both of them
    2015.05.05 오후 3:42 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • k512****
    don't compare themㅡㅡI like both of them;
    2015.05.05 오후 3:49 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • smel****
    Sunggyu's solo concept is not sexy~it's more Sunggyu's funkinessㅎㅎbut his voice and eyes are pretty sexy. Anyways I'm really looking forward Sunggyu's solo! His voice is really refreshing so it'll match the summer season!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:46 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • gnl3****
    Am I the only one who's uncomfy with the article?? looks like you wrote it purposely so that the fandom fight between each other;; of course the fans will say that their bias will be better!! of course our bias will be the sexier oneㅋㅋit's too obvious; but more than sexy, isn't Sunggyu's concept more "Boy-ish"??I don't understand why you're saying that his concept is sexy...anyways, I hope both of them work their hardest I support both!!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:51 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
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  • gyun****
    If we're talking about sexiness, isn't it Hyungseungㅎㅎ fighting to Sunggyu too
    2015.05.05 오후 3:50 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • pkiu****
    I heard their audio teasers and their voice seriously..ㅠㅜI like it! Jang Hyunseung fighting! I think he'll do really wellㅎㅎI'm rooting for Sunggyu nim too!
    2015.05.05 오후 3:51 모바일에서 작성 | 신고


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