Monday, January 7, 2019


Suju Kyuhyun as well as his nuna and his family have been victims of stalking for 3 years now. The stalker even went as far as threatening to kill them. The IG has now been revealed.
Please read this and share this around. Kyuhyun's nuna is presently pregnant with 2 kids. Please spread this around PANN.

This issue isn't only about SUJU's Kyuhyun, but a lot of SM's artists are currently being stalked.
I'm writing this so that SM can take action on stalkers.

This is the stalker's account on IG, but he also has katalk, their phone texts, and numbers

Right now, ELFs from Hongkong have contacted an SM employee, and they are working with the police

"You'll regret this"

"It's all because of you f*ck can you stop already. Stop it with the mental hospital bullsh*t, it's all f*ckery so don't make me mad. Do you think that I'm some mental institution patient? How did mom end up like that? Why do you ask me f*ck I'm so pissed off. You ruined my mood, I just want to go home and kill myself tomorrow."

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Please EFLs help us trend this post!! ㅠㅠ #ProtectKyuhyun

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Because of this issue, Kyuhyun's sister is erasing her post right now ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is a serious issue

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This has to go on mainstream media.. This is not only an issue with Kyuhyun, other idols might be victims too 

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He must be even more mad. There are a bunch of sasaengs who do stuff like that. Isn`t SM supposed to protect their artists?  Why are crazy people always after SM artists like that, it's not only SUJU, but all artists. It all started from TVXQ, and now there are a bunch of weird things happening to NCT too, don't they do their work? We all know that the company only wants to make money off their artists, and use their fans as cash cows, but instead of using their money, shouldn't they be taking care of those stalkers instead? Why are SM fandoms the ones who should be taking care of that? Isn't it weird that all the groups that have came out of SM are receiving these treatment? ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously ever since the inception of those incidents, SM has never taken a strong action to fight against those. Seriously is this company intention? I've held in for so long, but this is just not it. Please do some work for the security of your company. Not only Kyuhyun, but do something to eliminate those sasaengs

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Because they exposed Kyuhyun's noona's IG, I'm posting this again/ The stalker always get into trouble with Kyuhyun's fans so she's pretending to be some foreigners with her nonsensical Korean. What kind of foreigner know the word "bullsh*t" (t/n: it's a slang?