Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hello PC-tizens! ^^
As you all know by now, because of our Koreaboo post, we have gained lots of new fellow PC-tizens! We went from 16.5K followers to 17.3K followers on Twitter in only about 3 days XD

But bigger community also comes with bigger responsibilities! We all know that there will always be some bad apples in the kpop fandom but please remain respectful towards each other. We are running this blog differently from other blogs as you might have realize by now, because we really want to keep the positivity and freshness of this blog^^ We are somewhat aware of the current fanwars but please try not to take each other by the throat.

We are making this post because we have seen that in the recent blog posts, there were more negativity than usual. We know that it is not entirely because of you guys but only a few people, but please try to understand that by leaving a hateful comment, you can ruin someone else's day. We are gonna be honest and tell you guys that we were a bit sadden by this situation (in our most recent post, we thought that it would make you guys laugh to compare Rapmon and Hongseol but some of the comments were kinda bad for some reason.. :( ). And we also apologize to the old PC-tizens for not being able to keep this blog as peaceful as it was before.

However, we know that most of you treasure the positivity of this blog as much as us! ^^ so please help us grow this community in a healthy manner! :D We would just like to ask you guys to please think a bit before leaving a hateful comment such as "why is BTS always mentioned??? their fans ae so annoying!!! #!$#@" or "she's boring and plain, why do people like her?#!@#!@#". We will call out trolls if we see them too often haha

We know that the majority of you guys are considerate towards each other! So please keep it up! We are all in the same PC-community so please encourage and be kind to each other, and let's not divide and fight! ^^

Thank you and be safe wherever you are! ^^



Sehun doesn't talk a lot during broadcast and often stays by himself, so his personalities looks kinda bad
he's also known to be the one who only gets fan for being handsome because he can't sing?
I'm talking about prejudices against him, but yesterday Suho got an exclusive broadcast on a portal site.
I was kinda stunned when I saw him, so I gave it a try and watched the video