Wednesday, April 19, 2017


There was this girl who was always in my class during middle school for 3 years in a row and early last year, I confessed to her.. she’s seriously pretty and cute and so lovely.

This year, we are in the same class for our elective course. Since we’re both girls, it doesn’t look weird if we hug or give kisses to each other.

The kids at our school just think that we are very close. I never told anyone about our relationship and I have a hard time believing that such a pretty and lovely girl is mine. Every time we’re together makes me happy

[teens stories] YAH F*CK, I’M SO F*CKED

When school ended, I went out with my friend and my crush was walking with his friend behind us. After we parted ways, I was gonna re-adjust my skirt so I reached my hand back and I couldn’t feel my skirt at all;;; crazy;;;

Soon I realized that my skirt has shifted up to my waist and that my butt was exposed the whole time we were walking;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I was wearing my PE shorts under my skirt the whole day but my friend wanted me to lend it to her last minute before I left school so I gave it to her. I wasn’t even wearing safety shorts and only had my stockings and a f*cking countrified looking black pantie. F*ck

I want to kill myself. How did I walk with my butt exposed all that time. I’m so f*cking embarrassed. There wasn’t only my crush who walked behind me but other guys too.. I’m going crazy f*ck…