Saturday, November 21, 2020


T/N: The below is from  SM's CEO's Lee Sung Soo's presentation at the global start-up festival 'COMEUP 2020'
"Personally, BoA's title song <Better> is a very good song to me. You can anticipate the music, dance and music video"

"About Red Velvet, there was a minor/slight controversy, but we have sincerely apologized for it and Red Velvet is planning to make a come back soon with a more mature side."

This is what the SM CEO Lee Sung Soo said.

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1. Even YouTubers who get into a controversy would reflect for 2 months before coming back but power-trip-Rene is coming back not even after a monthㅋㅋ

2. They should honestly comeback without that person;

3. Wendy couldn't even go on stage because of her accident last year. And now, she finally got to perform... but the leader became controversial... sigh

4. RV can't come out... the other members and their fans will have such a hard time

5. Unlikable

6. RV can comeback, but that woman better not come back

7. Wow shameless

8. Her 'power-trip-dol' image will follow her forever. Will they even be able to manage her? The other kids are pitiful

9. There's no reason for her not to come back. It's just her image that turned to sh*t...

10. It's true that her image will be affected by a lot but even criminal celebrities can come back so....

11. Even the CEO's words are f*cking shameless.. What's up with them?ㅋㅋㅋ

12. Looking forward to their stage

13. She should reflect a bit.. sigh