Wednesday, May 18, 2016


fan account: 
When GOT7 debuted, since I really liked JJ project, I attended their fan meeting event just to see Jr. And JB
I didn't know the other members' faces or names, I couldn't even tell them apart
I know that going to a GOT7 fan meeting only knowing 2 people is a bad behavior from my part
and I ended up chatting a lot with Jr. and JB and didn't talk much to the rest of the members
but there was Jackson standing next to the members and he looked very sharp, so I was a bit scared by him
the other members (apart form Jr. and JB) didn't talk much, so we both didn't talk much to each other
but then Jackson suddenly signed my album and started singing Bar bar bar from Crayon pop
he was shaking his head alone and doing Bar bar bar and I went "...." with an expression saying "what is this dude doing?"
but then Jackson went  "Please don't think I'm a complicated person, just talk to me a lot. I really like Korea" 
it looks like he thought that I was thinking bad of him because he's a foreigner. 
so I was taken aback and went "no, you're not complicated" like that
and he started to laugh and said "let's hold hands, I like holding hands" and proceeded to grab my hands together
"next time you come, please have a lot to "talk about" (in English)" he said and "thank you for coming" 
he put a big heart next to his signature and I went to sit down still dazed at what just happened
when they were doing their talks, they went down of stage and stood right in front of our nose
they started doing funny dances and I saw Jackson coming to my side and said "noona~~~" while waving at me
when I arrived home, I seriously started to feel a bit sorry for him ㅠ 
since he just debuted, he must've been so excited to have a fan meeting, but for his fans to treat him like that and not to talk to himㅠ
It was hard for him but he still debuted and I'm really thankful for that, I went on instagram and found his account and sent him a message
he read my comment and he even liked one of the selca I took a long time ago....
he's freaking kind, I really wish nothing else but success for him ah ㅠ he's too kind...ㅠㅠ

*the screencaps below are Jackson's interaction with the fan, telling her "I love you so much!" and "noona, don't cry!"

"Manner king, consideration king, Jackson Wang" *Wang in Korean = king*
He's a thoughtful man with a lot of consideration. During interviews, Jackson really pays attention to what you say and during the appropriate times, he will be witty and demonstrate his good sense. After the interview, his true self was exposed. I was hurriedly trying to blow up bubbles and prepare the props (for the photoshoot) and Jackson came to me and asked me jokingly "noona, what are you doing?" After seeing that I was trying to blow bubbles, he stood next to me and started to do it too. When Youngjae was shooting his individual scenes, he saw where the wind was blowing towards and blow the bubbles to that direction to help the shooting. When he saw that the bubbles didn't come out well, I was kinda stressed out, and Jackson appeared again telling me "it looks like you're having a hard time" like that and begged me to let him blow the bubbles instead until the shooting was done.

Jackson's greetingㅠㅠ

even when he jokes he does a 90 degree bow

when he meets someone for the first time, he does a 180 degree bow

bowing his head to a big sunbae, he even puts down his drink and bows while doing a American style greeting

he even gives the mannerly hand to his younger friends 

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