Friday, February 19, 2016


first of all, I'm not an idol fan
I saw Kai's gif floating around the trendy posts
I think I know why idols get dissed for their acting
Hyeri too got dissed so much because she got cast in Reply88
but the results were good so she shifted the tides
Kai has the EXO tag on him so he has to get rid of this too ..
and to the fans saying "it's ok since he's starting out in Web dramas" I think it's an ignorant shield
his acting is so bad.. even though he's starting out with minor roles, he can't do it so he shouldn't risk it
He gives me good vibes from being a singer and his dancing cannot be bashed
but I just don't think acting is for him ^^;

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ㅇㄹ |2016.02.19 16:56 
to be honest even web dramas like that can potentially be really disruptive to his reputation but it's not like your normal drama or movies acting. Of course if you had actors like Sung Dong Il in those types of drama you'd realize that it has great influence right? And his drama is 60 minutes of top of that; but to the people dissing him are you dissing him because you saw the gif or because you actually watched it? It's not like Kai said "I'm not going to act in this is I'm not the lead!" It was SM who casted him and the writers who decided for him. We never shielded him for his acting, so please don't say stuff like "EXO-roaches are all ganging up" like that. It's bad for our moral and Jongin is already taking this opportunity to practice acting right? And why are people suddenly bringing up Winner Nam Taehyun.. And why are people pointing out plastic surgery. If he's bad at acting just say that his acting is awkward and end it, why are you all saying "exo-roaches/double eyelid surgery/Nam Taehyun/should stick to singing" those types of random stuff

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.19 17:10 
Not only from this gif, but even from the actual video you can feel how awkward he is, but it's not to the point where those antis can call this "acting with one's foot"

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.19 17:00 
It's not even the video and you guys are dissing him from a gif? He's been shoved into the main, of course, I would've prefer him starting from a smaller role, but if you're going to diss him at least watch the video, then diss him

카이연기 |2016.02.19 15:46 
Me too I thought he was bad at acting but because EXO-Ls are so scary I decided to shut up

ㅇㅇ |2016.02.19 15:43 
OP-ah if you write those types of posts the EXO-roaches will just bury it down with bullsh*t

T/n: for those who are wondering the clip is called "슬픈 발렌타인데이" (sad valentine's day) it's the 5th episode, for some reason we can't find an international version so if you can find one, please put in the disqus section!