Monday, July 20, 2020


SF9 went on a home shopping program to sell towels at 1AM and they were shooting a live broadcast in the middle of the night. It was the end of their promotions so we all knew that the kids were tired
But Rowoon appealed for his pain in his lower back and went to the hospital. They told him to not overdo himself so he couldn't even do the last show. 

However, right before the live, he was seen arriving with crutches


When it comes to diet management, more than being thin, they have to make sure that they don't appear bloated in front of cameras, so they need to diet so hard to the point that they are nothing more than bones.

They go to school after waking up and when school's over, they have to take the subway and head to the company and would usually train for 10 hours. And then they would take the subway again, go home, wash and will be forced to sleep. They need to go to the company from Monday to Saturday. They don't have any other day to rest apart from Sunday..

Friends and family relationships are basically over
They can leave early after the 4th period at school but they don't do it often. There are seriously no cases of trainees skipping classes.
In 80% of the cases, there will be rumors about someone being a trainee and kids would talk behind the trainee's back and saying how they will f*cking expose everything once that trainee debuts

Severe fights among the trainees during month end evaluation are inevitable. But it's only like that every time the month end evaluation comes. Usually, the relationships between trainees are good since they are all in the same position. You can think of month end evaluations like those rank reveals during Produce 101.

There will be a lot of times where trainees will hear insulting things or have embarrassing moments so they need to have a strong mentality

The trainee life is way harder than you think and everything that I wrote here isn't anything new but I'm writing this since I've seen a lot of kids on Pann wanting to become trainees.

ITZY Yuna said on V-app "thinking about it now, it was pretty hard. At that time, it was so hard that I didn't even know if I was having it hard anymore."

The picture is a real trainee's time sheet

Monday: Exercise - English conversation - Lunch - Rap lesson - Free practice - Dinner - Weekly checkup - Dance lesson
Tuesday: Exercise - English conversation - Lunch - Dance lesson / instrument lesson - Vocal lesson - Dance practice - Dinner - Specialty lesson (dance, vocal, rap) - Vocal practice - Mid checkup
Wednesday: Exercise - English conversation - Lunch - Rap lesson - Dance practice - Dinner - Vocal practice - Dance lesson - Mid checkup
Thursday: Exercise - English conversation - Lunch - Dance lesson / instrument lesson - Vocal lesson - Dance practice - Dinner - Dance practice - Rap lesson
Friday: Exercise - English conversation - Lunch - Rap lesson - Vocal practice - Dinner - Vocal practice/personal rap lesson - Weekly checkup
Saturday: Free practice - Lunch - Free practice - Rap lesson - Dinner - Free practice - Dance lesson - Mid checkup

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1. [+466, -9]
I'm sorry but if they receive so many lesson classes what about the kids who are untalented?... Don't they make it to the company because they are talented? With the basic talent + this much energy put into practices, all idols should have the skills to go solo whether it comes to dancing or singing ㅇㅇ

2. [+206, -4]
I bet that managing their diet is the hardest. Just for studying, I get dizzy if I don't eat something and trainees are only eating grass and must be dying since they also practice dancing... my friend was a trainee and they said that so many kids were fainting that everyone didn't even felt like it was a big deal

3. [+108, -23]
They aren't the only ones having it hard

4. [+103, -1]
But what does that make the kids who are bad at singing or dancing after their debut? Do they just not have any talent? There are also kids who can become above average in terms of skills just by living like that for a month

5. [+78, 0]
I have a friend who used to be a vocal trainer for idol trainees and those are just facts. But to be honest, there are also kids who need to stay at school from the 1st period until late night classes. But there are also kids who study hard while others are just idling around and it's the same when it comes to trainees. A lot of them would pretend to practice hard during lessons but when the trainer is gone, they would just slack off. My friend said that the ones who really work hard on a full-time basis are the ones that really stand out. He said that he could tell right away if someone works hard and if someone doesn't