Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Actress Kim Ji-In and NCT Dream Na Jaemin played a couple in the web drama The Way I Hate You
After that, people started speculating whether those 2 were dating or not
People made egg accounts on Twitter (t/n: anonymous accounts) and started spreading that they're currently dating with proofs and information supporting each claim
Actually, there were already fans who knew that those 2 have been dating
The fans who had some common sense decided to stay hush hush on the affair and closed an eye on it
But today, the incident blew up
Actress Kim Ji-In released an IG story about an actor she knows and she made a post supporting the movie, but on her screenshot, the Netflix account she was using was Na Jaemin's and all the fans got to see it
The fans wanted to quickly bury down the issues with the egg accounts trying to blow this up, so they told people to say that it was a lie. But in reality it's true that the actress released the picture but quickly deleted it
So the fans who knew about this issue in the past slowly started posting about it on Twitter
There are some pictures that proves it, but the Netflix one is just irrefutable..
If you can look it up on Twitter

+People have been saying that Na Jaemin's ring is from Unicef, so I removed it


"CTzens💚 Today is Nana 🐇's first time trying to vote!! Our CTzens💚 have votes too right?
Nana🐇 was reaaaaaally how to put it? It was a feeling that I've never experienced before.. Now that I can vote too Nana🐇 is all grown up right? Hehe our CTzens💚 too I wish you all participate in voting..! Ah right, when our CTzens💚 can vote of course"

(bottom left you can see : Na Jaemin nim's currently watching contents)

"They released the bunny filter selca at the same time"

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1. [+180, -1]
Why does his name have to be Na Jaemin.. 
> I know right can his name just be Lee Junhyuk instead? We could've said "There are so many Lee Junhyuk around~!" but no matter how you try to twist it, it's still Na Jaemin
> Has his name been Kim Jaemin, we could've still twist it
> The fans are suffering because of his nameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  At this rate, it's better to have some f*cking common name 

2. [+129, -1]
He's not my bias and I'm an 127 fan but I'm still f*cking shocked

3. [+117, -2]
Yah please just play along and say it's a lie f*ck

4. [+94, -0]
They're not using anything else, but this is the most irrefutable dating proof.. I didn't even look it up but it just appeared. I bet the female actress' IG comment section will go crazy. As soon as she opens her comment section, it will be filled with hate, maybe she'll block her comments too

5. [+93, -0]
This is seriously the most dumbfounding dating rumorㅋㅋㅋ ...Even the timing...

6. [+86, -0]
On the comeback dayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can only laugh

7. [+83 ,-1]
They go caught, but this is something so refreshing to see. As expected they got caught the way 4th generation of idols would. But in the fans' position, I wouldn't want to know this TMI ...