Friday, December 21, 2018

[PC stories] DEPRESSED


T/N: Hi PC-tizens! We would like to have some feedback from you guys regarding this type of stories (depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.). These stories is making up almost 70% of the PC stories submissions and we really want to help you guys out! We've all been through hard times so we know how hard it is to reach out in real life! But we're not really sure about what would be the most effective way to help :( We're thinking about maybe making a section just for you guys to ask for advice, kind of like an Open Thread for this kind of stories? :O We're opened for suggestions so please let us know! :)

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The last few months were very hard for me. First, there are a lot of assignments from the lecture but a little time to complete them, especially sometimes the assignment is given with irrational deadlines. Second, there is a presentation assignment, when I present my presentation I have a trembling and long-pitched tone of voice not because I am nervous, but because I have tissues in my vocal cords and respiratory tract due to continuous sinus. Some people don't know this, so when I was presenting, one of my classmates recorded me, he and several other friends made fun of me on social media. I feel sick with this, I want to stand up and talk to them about what happened, but I am very sure I will not be heard well by them because I do not have great strength in class. My department is communication science, and I feel sad when I see them doing this, because in theory we realize that it is oppression and should not be done, besides that we as communication students must not only be good at speaking but also in listening to others. One prominent figure once said: There is a difference between actually listening and waiting for your turn to talk. Third, I worked as a lecturer assistant at a reputable university, my colleagues did not understand the slightest material about the lessons we taught. As a result, I made all the learning material and she is the one who input grades and work as a bridge of communication between us and students. In the first few weeks this went smoothly, but in the following week problems began. She seemed reluctant to teach, and only thought of receiving a salary, even for small jobs like giving information to students was handed over to me. Even worse, at some of the time my learning material was severely criticized, I’m actually okay with being criticized, but at least when she criticized me, showed a good argument. I also always come first in class, I set the time management, I make learning material, and I give instructions. While she only input grades. Because I study and work at once, so there are a few moments when I feel tired, upset, angry, sad, and stressed. If you really want this job, show them a good performance, work hard. If you don't understand the material, learn about it, there are many sources of information out there. I apologize for pouring my heart out here, because I don't know who I should tell this to. (I don't have many friends) How do you feel when faced with this situation? Are there suggestions for going through these times? Thank you

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They're going to grab everything that has to do with Kang Daniel's personal attacks, rumors, family jokes, sexual harassment remarks, etc.
And they're going as far as taking civil actions against haters
He's been a model for various brands since 1 year and 6 months and a lot of people have tried to personally defame him, the company will be suing and the people will have to compensate for the damage they created


Since I keep on hanging out with the same people, I keep seeing their bad traits. We are comfortable with each other and it's fun but there are also a lot of times when I feel annoyed with them.. Is it because we became too close? Like I said, there are times when we are comfortable with each other but I also feel annoyed... ㅠㅠ Going to school isn't fun either. We will be graduating soon so I just have to endure a little bit...