Friday, January 1, 2021



First of all, I was like "oohh" when the VCR started playing.

Enhypen started their stage and I think that they performed almost all their songs from their debut album? Their songs were better than I thought so I looked them up after the concert. I found Sunghoon handsome.

TXT was performing and I found that everyone was good at dancing during the dance break. Their ddeokbokki coat was pretty. Somehow, all their clothes were pretty this time. The clothes for 553 was my style and I found Bumgyu so pretty.

I didn't know who Bumzu was at first but I liked him since his song was so good. Forever Young was f*cking my style.

As for cutie Hyunie, I don't need to say anything. He's so good at singing and he was personally one of my faves~

GFriend's Time for the Moonlight, wow, they did so well. The crosswalk(?) clothes are seriously so my style. Also, Yerin was so pretty during Apple and MAGO. They were super pretty during the VCR after their stage.

When Nu'est was performing Love Me, wow.. I was startled when I saw Minhyun's face. He was so handsome. I've been watching Live On nowadays too ㅠㅠ Also, their stage composition was super nice. Aside from that, their songs were really good too.

As for Bangtan, Live Goes On is just a good song no matter when I listen to it. I got emotional when they did a ment in the middle. Also, was it during Make it Right? Wow, I think that I was listening to this song until I fell asleep.

The first song they performed for 2021.01.01 was IONIQ..ㅎ

It was such a shame that Suga and Umji weren't thereㅠㅠ I hope that they recover healthily soon ㅠ

I think that they general criticism is the ticket price so I hope that they can lower the price for next year....... The quality was good considering the fact that it was their first time. I can really feel that they spent a lot of money in this. I will buy it next year too. My friend was boycotting this and is now regretting so much. Even so, I enjoyed the concert today.