Friday, April 8, 2016


They built up their reputation with TTL and lies slowly
they hit their prime days with Bee bop and all their songs did daebak after Roly Poly

they were promoting just fine until day by day's comeback
because of HwaX's bullying thing the whole group became dog sh*t
and at that time, there was another big incident of school bullying that caused a teen to commit suicide so their scandal broke even bigger and swears just piled up

T-ARA were even rumored to become the next SNSD
but because of that incident articles were popping out every second
people on Twitter and Facebook were all speechless because HwaX was getting bullied
and then the gifs collections started
people didn't even care to look into the incidents and just jumped on the hate band wagon
and then when HwaX posted a sympathy tweet about them, it kinda died down
but T-ara was already at the bottom

then there was a program called "T-ara's confession"
it was supposed to get broadcasted but they took it down because people were accusing them to be fake, apparently they received sexual assault comments and whatnot

people never doubted about malicious editing when it came to them
after that they just went on and continued their Korean promotions
as soon as the comeback article was out, it was filled with swears
once again, they tried to not make it obvious and promoted with a smile
but since they were at the bottom, no one really cared
of course their songs screwed up badly on charts

it's a good thing that they're famous in Taiwan and China right now
anyways they look pitiful it looks like they're fighting against the whole country it's kinda sad

let's succeed even more in China

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ㅁㄹㄷ |2016.04.09 10:22 
that bullying scandal turned out to be all fakeㅋㅋㅋ when they were looking up gifs about "bullying" it all turned out to be them just ignoring her? Seriously I would've done the same thing, they all stuck together for so many years building on their fame, who would be happy to just have someone butt in like that? If only it wasn't for Hwayoung's bullying thing they would've been the 2 top with SNSD, if you don't believe me you can look it up yourself..

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.09 10:07 
they're seriously saints.. Anyways now there are lots of people thinking that T-ara aren't the ones at fault ㅎㅎ And it's true that they're doing freaking well in China too. If you compared to how well they did in Korea, they're doing even better in China now ㅇ3ㅇㅋ

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.09 01:09 
to the people below saying that it's a fact that their personalities are bad, give me some proofs;; so you think that other idols have no bullying rumors at all?

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.09 10:37 
because of the scandal, the T-ara fans would have to endure everything from morning. 


first of all, it's not like he's always been in a wheelchair, he arrived in the airport and the security went to rent a wheelchair to help him. It's probably his agency who wanted him to go on a wheelchair
Just when he was getting off the car, you could see that he needed 2 managers to help him out of the car just because of his ankle

below is Ailee who received an "internal"(?) damage to her ankle
as you can see, even if her ankle was bad she's still able to cross her legs
(t/n: people were accusing Kai of faking his conditions because there were pictures of him sitting with crossed legs)