Tuesday, May 4, 2021


I don't even have to comment on people like Jennie, Im Bora, Suzy, Yeri, Joy, etc... but even kids like ITZY or Izone who are of similar age as me, I find it so fascinating but am also so jealous seeing how pretty they are, how much money they make and how much love they receive...

Even when I open Instagram, I can see so many of these celebrities who are of the same age as me living their best lives... there are so many kids with pretty faces.... How can they all be good at dancing, wear their clothes so prettily, are tall, have double eyelids, have a big chest... how can they all be so perfect? Seriously ㅠㅠㅠ I feel so lethargic towards my classes in my 3rd year of high school and I'm so pathetic. I am not good at studying either. I've always been treated like a reject in all my high school years and every time I look at Instagram, I become depressed... + It's not inferiority complex. I'm just so jealous of them. I just find my circumstances so pathetic so I wrote this post. No but why wrong did I do?... 

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Even if I try my best not to compare myself with them, if I open my TV, I see female idols, and there are also often talks about idols on Pann so honestly, in the deepest part of my mind, I do get a reality check

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It can't be helped... You can't help but just live with being content in your own way. If you keep on comparing your life with those of celebrities', you will only get a reality check. You will get jealous of their income, their fancy lives, their looks... there will be no end to it

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The comment below that's hating on OP isn't from a fan of Jennie. You can tell right away that they are trolls;; they barely have any upvotes too

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But there is only an extremely smart amount of people who live like that and most of the people live a common life like yours. Wouldn't it be fine if you thought like that?? It's not like the lives they were living were normal lives either. It's nice and cool to have a fancy life but if you keep on comparing your life with theirs, there will be no end and you're just gonna become depressed

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I've never compared my life with others' so this is fascinating to meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it makes me wonder why you want to compare your life at all cost; don't be depressed and let's all live our best lives

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How is this a "hate" post..? OP is just saying that she's jealous. Me too I'm jealous of female idols who are my ageㅋㅋㅋ

[enter-talk] JYP ARE PRETTY HIGH

I see a lot of SM or YG fans around but I've almost never seen a JYP fan like me..ㅎ
I've been a fan of JYP groups from Twice to Stray Kids!!
These are the CHOOM videos ranked by views..!!ㅎㅎ