Wednesday, May 12, 2021


She's shooting a drama too, RV isn't promoting but Sooyoungie is busyㅠㅠㅠ  I'm looking forward to hear her voice color!!
"Voice color queen' RV Joy, first solo after 7 years since debut.. Album launched this month"


It was know that Actor Kim Jung Hyun had health problems while getting off the 2018 drama 'Time'. Since then, YTN Star has obtained the record of Kim Jung Hyun's medical treatment at the hospital until recently from January 2019.

An aide of Kim Jung Hyun who provided the document told YTN Star, "Kim Jung Hyun had already felt an abnormality in his body before starting filming 'Time' and continued to appeal to his surroundings and agency. He wanted to turn down the drama." In the end, they pushed on with the drama and he finally withdrew from it. After that, Kim Jung Hyun himself visited the hospital to receive medical treatment. In the end, the medical certificate was issued belatedly."

At that time, the officials from Time who had spent time with him said that they noticed that Kim Jong Hyun's condition was less serious than they thought. Kim Jung Hyun felt so nauseous to the point of discussing whether he should join the production press conference or not. In fact, Kim Jung Hyun showed abnormal signs, such as grabbing unto his chest during the press conference.

"Other depressive episodes
Generalized anxiety disorder
Panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety]"

"Sleep disorder, unspecified"


In response, an official from O& Entertainment said in a phone call to YTNStar, "we didn't hear anything from Kim Jung Hyun at the time. If the situation was serious, We would not have him appeared in 'Time'."


A psychiatrist said, "If depression, panic disorder, and anxiety are mixed together, when exposed to stress, they often put patients in a state of being out of control." Hallucinations are also part of the symptoms.

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1. He's sick so he shouldn't push himself and I hope he rests

2. Yes, please rest

3. I hope he rests a lot and recovers

4. This is BS. People will think that everyone who's depressed will act like him

5. Ah, ok..

6. His mentality really seems weak

7. If he's sick, he should just stay home. What kind of actor is this?

8. It seems like he was sick up until recently. Then how did he film CLOY..? Then he was sick but couldn't film Time but was sick but could film CLOY? I don't understand..

9. Then how did he film CLOY? If he was that sick, he should've rested

10. No but so what?

11. He's sick so why is he working so hard? He should be resting now... stop being a nuisance to others...

12. His media play is insane ㅋㅋ just make sure you rest ^^

13. Please rest

14. Then what does that make me? I have depression too and I am still trying my best to do all my work... Don't make depressed people look like idiots and use us as your weapon

15. I don't think that he has the mentality to be an actor... I just hope he chooses another path..