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 Her Go Youngwook statement went on Naver's main pageㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: Naeun replied to one of her friends on SNS "do you want to be r*ped by Go Youngwook?" - he's a Korean singer who was charged for assaulting minors)

The best comments are listing the things to boycott from herㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


 t/n: We've read your comments, sorry we didn't have the time to really look into April Naeun's issue, but here's the newest posts we could find on Pann!

t/n: We just realized that this wasn't the post that Asian Junkie translated, the post will be updated once we have translated the post, sorry for the confusion!

Hello, I am the younger brother of Lee Hyunjoo, a former member of April.

Since a few years ago, I always wanted to tell the truth, but I have endured thinking about my nuna's future.

But now, I feel like I have to speak with courage, so I write.

It was known that my nuna wanted to go into acting and this is why she left April, but that is not true.

She has been bullied bullied by her group, which made her panic disorder and breathing difficulties a lot more difficult.

Eventually, she tried to kill herself.

Whenever I think about that time (t/n: she attempted suicide), my parents and I still feel like our hearts are about to tear.

When my nuna left the company, she sent a letter to the company saying that she was leaving April to go into acting.

At that time, my family didn’t know because we thought that that was the right thing to do for our nuna.

However, my nuna became the scapegoat with hate comments saying that she betrayed the team for her own profit. 

She never got an apology from her members, rather, the members who saw our mom visiting the company laughed and belittled her as she passed by.

My sister is still doing her best at her work right now. 

So I thought I had to endure even more in case I would become a burden to my nuna.

As if there was nothing wrong, I can't see the members who are still living the life, that's why I'm writing this because I can't endure anymore.

Even for me, it's so hard, so I wonder how upset and angry my nuna must've been.

I no longer want to see these members promoting.

I don't want to see my nuna struggle anymore, and I don't want to see them on TV reminding me and my family of that hard time.

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My proof
"Lee Hyunjoo (residential registration certificate number)"

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For reference Yoon Chaekyung and Rachel has nothing to do with this. Those 2 members only joined as new members after Lee Hyunjoo left

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Seriously Peripera needs to have an collaboration with the office of education at this rate.. 

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So the post about Lee Naeun bullying his teammates that we read recently was true...? 

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Lee Naeun farewell 


He's Ajax member Yoonyoung 

On the same day, same place

Couple pic together

The guy has their picture in his phone case too 

Furthermore, his IG story looked so weird, but if you read it vertically, you'll get goosebumps
Vertically: She's mine!

In the end, he wasn't able to hold back because his girlfriend was getting hate so he released a shield post

"I was too upset about this so I’m going to only bring up the facts here. When something happens to you guys, how often is it that you speak about it to your friends from an objective point of view… Isn’t it only human to want to pour out your hurt feelings only and be unable to be objective  and to tell others to see both sides of the coin? Hyunjoo must’ve been upset…as things didn’t go her way she must’ve had it hard.. but the other kids’ hearts were ripped apart more so. Hyunjoo-yah, I’m sorry but let’s say what has to be said. Because of you, our kids were so pitiful. As I was in DSP Media, I watched the process of APRIL being formed. (You) suddenly went uncontactable and skipped out on practice, and it was common for you to be unable to go to schedules due to emergencies. Being sick and weak, that’s possible. Then you should quickly say you want to quit. But you wanted to do this, while only wanting to do the easy stuff. How could you do that?" Cr. Koreaboo

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So it's not a kid like Rowoon, Minhyuk, Jaehyun or Bomin that the fans wantedㅋㅋ So they're desperately trying to deny this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Wow this gave me goosebumpsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Imagine how bad he wanted to reveal this 

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This picture too, it was 4 years ago on IAC??? I would've got reality slap if I found that picture
"And I think that there might be talks about people who claim that I'm not close with Hyunjoo... I'm really close to Hyunjoo" (t/n: it's a story made by Yoonyoung)

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Ajax's famous anecdoteㅋㅋㅋ  The group who hid in their girlfriend in their carrier during their schedule to meet them secretly at the hotel 

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This was when the victim attempted s*icide yet they're claiming the vicim was insincere, what a bunch of psychopaths 

Here is AsianJunkie's post about the members that we mistook for the first post: 

“All members of April are perpetrators”, she wrote,
“Hello, this is a friend of former April member and a current actress Lee Hyunjoo’s friend. Hyunjoo and I are friends from high school and we still keep in touch from time to time. I’m writing to clarify that all members bullied Hyunjoo except Chaekyung and Rachel(*who joined the group after Hyunjoo’s departure). I’ll write few things I’ve heard.
1. Former April member Somin hated Hyunjoo and started bullying her. 
2. Chaewon then relayed things Hyunjoo didn’t say to Somin in hopes to make friends with Somin. 
3. Hyunjoo finds her tumbler which was a gift from her grandmother in the company’s fridge. Turns out Naeun put Chungookjang in her tumbler and left it in the fridge for months. 
4. Naeun took Hyunjoo’s sneakers and claimed it was hers. She didn’t apologize after Hyunjoo proved it was actually hers by showing her name on the shoe. 
5. Members said “This b* is trying to make her face look smaller again” behind her back right before recording.
6. Yena and Jinsol continuously picked on her, tripping her up and stepping on her feet. 
7. Chaewon was in a relationship with the group’s manager. So the manager turned a blind eye to what was happening.  
8. After Hyunjoo attempted suicide, the company said the members were reflecting on themselves so Hyunjoo and her mom visited the company. Members met them but ignored them and laughed with each other.” 
She then claimed Hyunjoo was forced to leave the group and had to lie about the reason for her departing the group which resulted in receiving undeserved hate. She wrote, “If she really wanted to become an actress and didn’t want to continue being an idol, she wouldn’t have joined Uni.T.” She concluded her post with encouraging words addressed to Hyunjoo and posted pictures she took with Hyunjoo as proof.