Monday, November 4, 2019

[enter-talk] IN THE END ROWOON

He went all the way to film a Vlive...
Those b*ches swearing at Rowoon are seriously amazing
The other member said himself that Rowoon couldn't sleep more than 2 hours a day
but you guys are the ones who made him sit through a Vlive like that

So is it enough now that he went on Vlive and wrote all those posts for you guys' inner peace when he's this tired? How much more do you guys want...?
Seriously you guys must be so full with all the content he feeds you... There's nothing you guys should swear him for, you guys should be proud of him instead. Celebrities like him aren't common. To be honest, he can only bare that much with what fans can tell him, but he's giving feedback on everything you requested
Rowoon has a good personality you guys should be grateful he's this kind

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The members must know all this already, but now they had to reveal it crystal clear in the broadcast I'm so pissed off. Jaeyoon and Youngbin kept mentioning how nowadays Rowoon gives them a lot of advice on their worries and would talk to them even though he can't sleep a lot ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  And he participates in every discussion in their chat room whenever it has to do with their comeback f*ck seriously this breaks my heart, what crime did he commit... I hope he finds strength..

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SF9's members all seem like the types who search on the net a lot... They're freaking fast at delivering feedbackㄷㄷ  Is it why the fans are all running around

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They should just let him sleep already. Why are they always telling him to do this and that? Looks like they think they're allowed to do anything because they call themselves fans

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He's a saint.........

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Jaeyoonie told the fans to love Rowoon and that he barely sleeps 2 hours. HE also mentioned how he's working hard on their comeback's recording now, seriously this makes me so bitter. There's nothing to swear at him for you f*ckers. I feel so bad for him. Those f*ckers in their teens are f*cking him around with those f*ckery reasons stop messing around already


According to the law, Ahn PD and other producers of Produce X 101 have received a warrant of arrest which will be reviewed by the Seoul Central District Court today at 10:30AM.
They have been charged with obstruction of business by stratagem.

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Please just disband Izone and X1 cleanly and punish those who warrant being punished by the law so we can end all this

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Disband rig-one, rig-zone and rig-9

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Don't cut the tail off at production staff, we want you to reveal everything

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Seriously if this also gets buried down like the Burning Sun, there will be no hope to this country

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So they were actually investigating all this time? Ha please just punish them with the law

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I hope that all those rigged groups disband