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<Kingdom live voting event 1>
 6/3 Thursday 7:50PM 
Receive those items if you vote for  iKON  
We've prepared a total of 587 items so please participate! 
You must vote for    iKON   

(t/n: laying out the rules to win the items) 

 Other Twitter events 

1. Dyson airwrap styler complete (worth over 600K won) 

2. Airpods pro, Outback (t/n: steakhouse) gift card of 100K won 

3. Tamburins, Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, Starbucks gift cards

4. Black alio (t/n: chicken), BHC chicken combo 

5. Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Honey butter chicken and potato wedge combo gift card

6. CU 10,000won gift card, Starbucks 30,000won gift card, Outback 50,000won gift card

<Kingdom live voting event 2>

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1. [+137, -3]
Everyone seriously... We can achieve anything as long as we participate.. Please don't forget the reason behind it 

2. [+108, -1]
No matter what, you're bound to win something at the end?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+106, -2]
This makes me feel that even an unlucky person like me can win... Let's receive those items with only 100won for a vote. There's so much benefits in voting for iKON 

4. [+53, -1]
iKON fans have less headcounts so they have even more chance to win something. How much did all this cost in total?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Me too I'm a YG fan so I'm participating for sure, but I never expected to see a Macbook.. 

5. [+40,- 1]
I'm another group's fan but it's not because of the items I'm participating. I just want to vote for them... Chanwoo fighting 


You can win all of this by voting only once?!
Kingdom's final June 3rd 8-10PM
Vote for "Stray Kids"

100K won Outback gift card

100K won Outback gift card 2

Louis Quatorze wallet

Jill Stuart wallet & Gold  Olive chicken

Jo Malone London 

YSL tint & Kodak camera

YSL tint & Gongcha

Lotte department store 100K gift card

Dior hair mist, Jamaica Tondari chicken, Baskin Robbins brownie

Waffle machine & Tamburins hand cream

Hanwoo steak, L'Occitane showel gel 

Nonfiction hand cream, Begone lip balm

Kodak camera

Gongcha, necklace

Hwingsong Hanwoo set

30,000 won 

Starbucks 30,000 won

8 orders of Starbucks coffee


Hand poked tattoo, beads bracelet

Poster/necklace making, Basic French lesson, free taro reading session

Baskin Robbins ice cream, Hollys americano, Coffee Bean set, Pail's Coffee Story 10,000 won gift card

Honey chicken combo, Baskin Robbins PINT, Twosome ice box

BHC chicken, Gongcha 5,000won gift card

Gold Olive chicken

Gold Olive chicken 2

BHC chicken 

Noonaholdak chicken gift card

Baskin Robbins single regular ice cream

Gifticon 5,000 won, coding class

Decoden frame

Eraser stamps

School entrance letter free correction 

Essay completion 

Star Satellite tour management (t/n: video game) 

Piano version arrangement

Rap lessons

Demon Slayer goods

100 orders of Starbucks

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1. [+167, -8]
I'm an Army but since Leeknow used to be our group's back dancer, I'm always supporting Stray Kids ^^ I will definitely vote for them on Kingdom fighting 

2. [+106, -3]
It'll be so nice to win one of these by just spending 100 won on voting 

3. [+82, -3]
Oh there's freaking lots of prizes

4. [+46, -0]
There's also Macbooks, Iphones, Ipads. In total there are 1,358 items and they're still considering adding more

5. [+37, -0]
I'm an Army! Stray Kids fighting!! They're the most likable ones on Kingdom


❤️Kingdom: Legendary War finale voting event❤️
1️⃣ Once the voting period is revealed on June 3rd, text The Boyz's number (100won per vote) 
2️⃣ How to participate (t/n: naver form included) 

The Boyz's mass voting team is hosting the event

Drawing made by that golden hand "Child with a lot of curiosity" nim

5000 characters poem

Drawing you any picture you want

2D drawing 

Drawing of 2 characters with any genre/pose/etc. + cereal bowl 

SD full color drawing, 2 characters

Drawing sketch of any request

Cover letter to big agency sample/Career consulting/Airpods

English class/English class for university entrance ecam

Career consulting provided by American lawyer

Mock exams/Gochu Basasak chicken gifticon 

English class with English teacher with 7 years of experience

Language class given by a Deobie who is top 0.5% in CSAT or study tips PDF

PCO or PEO power point building

Cover letter consultation by Korea University graduate + studies coaching

English tutoring until CSAT exam

English class by American exchange student

Resume correction by HR team

Sungkyunkwan alumni correction of cover letter up to 5x correction

Cat fur combing service

Free taro reading session 

Army Booth Jin photocard

BTS V autograph 

TXT signed album 

1 Kakao stock

Ipod Air 64G

Apple Watch 6 space gray

Apple Watch SE

Airpod Pro

Airpod Pro 2

Lucky key made with 24K gold

3.75g gold car, Outback 100,000 won gift card


1M won for 3 winners, 250K won for 2 winners




E-land restaurant 100,000won gift card, beef set, chicken, Chanel perfume 

100,000won, any photocard you want (buying up to 10)

1 year of hardly saved 100,000won (if the group ends up winning, I'll give you 400,000won) 

Lotte department store 100,000won gift card

Outback mobile money 100,000won

I will buy you anything under 300,000won 

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil perfume, Jo Malone diffuser, My Melody photocard, 300,000won 

30,000 won for GS25, Be Your Own King photobook

Buskin Robbins PINT gifticon 

Mega coffee or convenient store gift card

Seolbing (t/n: bingsoo), Psyburger

Gongcha for 2 people

Gongcha, Buskin Robbins single regular cone

Buskin Robbins PINT, WDress item, Cocodor diffuser

Chicken potato wedge combo set

BHC chicken gift card

Gold Olive chicken + cola gift card

Chieken or Twosome ice box + Baskin Robbins cake


Apple mango cheese Seolbing gift card

Ice cream

BHC chicken, strawberry rice cake, beef

Goobne chicken + cola gift card

2kg of mango 

Chockoemon + Ghana mild chocolate gift card

Twosome yogurt cream cake


Paikdabang gifticon 

Twosome ice box

BHC gift card

Baskin Robbins gift card

Goobne chicken gifticon 

Paris Baguette nano Pengsoo cake

Electric massage chair, Starbuck set gifticon 

MAC lipstick, eyeshadow

Jo Malone body cream

LUSH peach bath bomb, candle warmer or cash

Stonehenge necklace/earrings

DIY beads ring

DIY beads bracelet, ring

Bracelet for cancer foundation/bracelet for child with blood disease foundation 

Nail design 

Clothes that The Boyz Q wore

Sunwoo's tshirt/Goobne chicken gifticon 

1 collectbook (?)

Decorated photocard of your bias 2x

Decorated frame 

Any photocard that you want

Sanrio card key holder with Hello Kitty, Tiny Charm's photocard

DIY fabric poster

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1. [+58, -0]
Please give The Boyz lots of interest in Kingdom's finale tomorrow at 7:50PM❤️

2. [+51, -0]
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Freaking funny 
"you can win anything but The Boyz if you vote for them"

3. [+25, -0]
I'm an Army and I'm going to vote for The Boyz f*ck I didn't know I'd like Younghoon and Taehyung so much 

4. [+20, -1]
This is how you vote!

5. [+19, -0]
The Boyz is trendy #1 right nowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Because they have that many items for giveaways


whether you're a man or a woman, anyone can!!!!

How to particiapte: 
From today (June 3rd) Thursday afternoon 

1. Mass voting team event

2. Some fans gathered together and made this event

3. Instiz fans event

4. Individual events
- Macbook 
- Iphone
- Ipad Air
- Airpods/Buds
- 603 gifticons for on-the-day votes
- fangirling money 100-300,000won 
- Apple watch 
- Dolce Gusto coffee machine 
- Photo printer 
- 8L air fryer
- Pizza/chicken/Baskin Robbins/CU gifticon
- lipstick 
- first come first served Baskin Robbins 
- fangirling money 100-200,000won 
- Vivienne Westwood watch/bracelet
- Kodak camera
- Swarovski necklace/earrings
- Ester Lauder foundation set
- Snacks gifticon (lots of them) 

original post:
original post: here

1. [+133, -2]
First of all, this one has the most chance of success... I'm going for BTOB 

2. [+97, -2]
Please comment your individual events below!!

3. [+88, -41]
How to participate!!

4. [+75, -0]
BTOB attended the same school as our Kyungsoo? I can't reject my brat's schoolmate.. 

5. [+67, -0]
I can't reject the 10 years friendship of BTOPink ..

[enter-talk] HUL JOY IS #1

The changes in the charts these days have been crazy (all fandoms are working hard streaming...) so I went in to look at the ranking and Joy is #1ㅠㅠ!!!!! I'm another group's fan but I feel like Joy really put a lot of attention in that song. She always seems hardworking so I like her... ㅎㅎ