Thursday, December 17, 2020


We are sharing our agency’s statement regarding the content of the report today related to our artist BoA.

This occurred due to a mistake by an employee at our agency’s overseas branch who had no knowledge about trade or customs clearance operations, and so first off we express our sincere apologies to fans and everyone who had been caused concern over this.

It is true that the employee from the overseas branch shipped the medicine through the mail without following formal customs clearance procedures. However, they were not intending to bring them in illegally; it was a mistake made due to ignorance. We will explain the details.

BoA recently received a physical examination and she was told by the doctor that due to a decrease in growth hormone, she requires sufficient sleep. On the advice of her doctor, she took prescribed sleeping pills. However, she experienced severe side effects such as dizziness and indigestion including vomiting, and this situation was spoken about with the employee.

The employee, who had lived together with BoA during the period of her Japanese promotions, was worried about BoA’s health. They recalled that BoA had not had any side effects in the past when she took medicine that had been prescribed to her in Japan for a sleeping disorder due to difficulties she experienced adjusting to the time difference as she was going back and forth between Japan and the United States while she was entering the American market. As receipt by a proxy is possible in this situation due to COVID-19, they received confirmation from a local hospital and received the medicine by following normal procedures.

The employee received confirmation from a local post office that they could ship medicine from Korea to Japan if they included documents such as ingredients information. However, they sent the medicine to Korea while including the ingredients information unaware that even medicine that had been received as normal by prescription overseas could become a problem in Korea.

As they did not know about practical details or procedures of customs clearance or trade, they were not at all aware that a government agency’s permission must be received for the handling and importation of medicine, and that even those that receive permission must make a declaration and obtain permission before importation. Without being aware of the problem, they made the mistake of sending the medicine after only hearing from the local post office that they could send the medicine overseas if they included ingredient information.

After recently being contacted by an investigative agency, the employee learned of their mistake. They actively cooperated with the investigative agency and were investigated regarding this matter, and they promised to never make the same mistake again.

During the investigation process, they brought up first that the medicine was sent to BoA and sincerely explained with the facts and evidence, and we share that BoA, who was investigated as well, also sincerely took part in the investigation.

Our agency plans to enhance multifaceted education for all our employees, so that this does not happen again. BoA also feels sorry that many people have been inconvenienced due to this issue.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing concern.

Cr. Soompi

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1. They're putting all the blame to the employee overseas. Who cares if the overseas employee made a mistake? What they should've done was to report this immediately domestically. Either BoA herself, or the employee working in Korea should've checked them and reported them. For them to think that it's that easy to smuggle drugs from overseas without getting caught is just so ignorant in itself

2. Whether it's Park Bom or BoA, they're one and the same... There are so many celebrities who appeared in the news due to misuse or overuse of Zolpidem, to think that she didn't know and that this was simply a mistake is just dumbfounding 

3. Park Bom is the real pitiful one here

4. A substitute to prescriptions...? It's not even a generic drug, we're talking about psychiatric drugs? Even with corona, psychiatric drugs cannot be prescribed by proxy, but this is coming from a complete stranger so how is this possible? It's like you giving sleeping pills so someone you don't even know about 

5. This makes literally no sense. How many sleeping pills are there out there? And even they have side effects, but suddenly, she decides to look overseas for them? If they have side effects, they need to be prescribed, but there are hundreds of sleeping pills that already exist? 

6. This is happening because no matter how many controversies BoA has gotten herself into, there are always brainless people defending her. 

7. So you can get prescribe Japanese drugs by proxy even if you're not from Japan.. 

8. Park Bom got sworn at because of YG's druggie image, but I really don't think neither of them deserve the hate

9. Isn't this such a weird thing...? She claims that she didn't know it was illegal, yet she insists to get it from Japan?ㅋㅋ If you didn't know it was illegal, why not just take it from Korea then?... Sigh 

10. That's the exact situation as Park Bom's but why are the comments so different? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Wow Park Bom got so much hate from this, as expected the reactions are different based on the person 

12. Look at everyone here saying that BoA made a mistake yet still claiming that Park Bom 100% knew what she was doing

13. Look at the shield ewㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

14. Both were illegal in the end 

15. I'm more shocked to the fact that even BoA who is this successful would resort to drugs like that