Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Aigo Park Kyung must be having a mental breakdown...

"Hello. This is Park Kyung. I have seen the posts about my school days that have surfaced online.

I am sorry. I sincerely apologize to everyone, to those that were hurt by me back then, and to those that remember the past when they look at me and get hurt by it.

In elementary school, I was someone that only knew how to study. That's why though I don't know why exactly, I was the target of bullying and was looked down upon by my peers. I was smaller in size than my peers as well, and I held on to those memories as I entered middle school.

I didn't like my model student image, and I liked being the center of attention. I came to see those who some may call 'delinquents' as cool. I wanted to hang out with them and be close to them, and I acted in a way that's shameful. I think I thought if I was together with them, people wouldn't be able to treat me lightly.

I'm in deep regret over my immature days of adolescent puberty. I have been busy up to now, but I know these are memories that those hurt by me won't be able to erase. I know that these wounds will not be justified.

I request those hurt by me directly contact me or even my company. I wish to approach you in person, apologize, and seek forgiveness.

Though I'm afraid that many will now see me as someone that is fake, someone who is acting, someone who's past and present doesn't match up, I'm writing this as I think it's less shameful for me to personally admit this rather than go through a company statement.

Once again, I apologize."