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Age: 30

I'm turning 30 this year (gosh I must be so old to be here), female, has a normal office job I act tomboyish since high school with my gestures and the way I care less about dressing up or not putting makeup. but I'm not loud and rowdy. I'm actually bright and friendly so I have many friends, mostly girls from school and work. but I don't open up about crushes or whatnot. I've never had a boyfriend or ever been kissed *sad* I'm not a lesbian and i'm attracted to guys for sure. My dilemma is that I get mistaken as a lesbian.

My dad asked me once as a joke if I have a girlfriend. I was taken aback and really offended. When we had an office outing, I overheard one of my office mates asking if I was around while she was changing in her swimsuit. I thought I must have heard wrong. I have a close friend whom I text to a lot and invite for dinner or malling when I'm bored or stressed from work. But I noticed on many instances that she doesn't want to meet me if its just the two of us. I don't want to confront her about this because this might also be an over reaction. I don't doubt myself or my identity, but this thing really disappoints me. I feel uncomfortable changing the way I dress or act feminine to please others. I want to migrate somewhere nobody knows me. I need to find a boyfriend, god bless me with one. I want to experience dating too Hahaha.

Being exposed to k-dramas/k-culture opened me to the idea that being single for life is okay. I'm getting old I get depressed sometimes, I think I'm having a quarter life crisis. This is getting long, I don't know how to end this. Thank you for reading my story.
Btw, I'm using a dummy account coz I don't want to be found. I'm a fan of your site kudos

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Haruma Miura is no longer single! He is now in a relationship with world famous dancer and choreographer, Koharu Sugawara. According to officials, the two started dating recently. Earlier this month, the new couple were seen near a luxury residential area in Tokyo. Haruma is currently 26 and Koharu is 24.
Haruma is a popular actor but some may not recognize his partner’s name. Actually, Koharu has built a name for herself around the globe. She travels to different countries, teaching dance and participating in dance workshops. She’s performed for acts such as Rihanna, SMAP, EXILE and Namie Amuro. Her choreography experience includes the likes of 2NE1, Girls Generation, Kumi Koda, and Crystal Kay. On the side, Koharu does some modelling.
Their encounter was revealed through a radio program. Around the middle of last month, Haruma guested on a radio program, where Koharu is a regular. A stylist had recommended Haruma to watch Daichi Miura‘s “Unlock” PV, which featured Koharu.
Haruma was so impressed by her skills that he wanted meet her. He initiated contact and the two were introduced through an acquaintance.  Also mentioned was Haruma’s attendance at one of Koharu’s performances in February. Her performance gave him encouragement during a time when he was worried about his play.

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1. Huh????
2. Daebak daebak
3. Ah you surprised me, I thought she was dating Taemin
4. Hul the male lead in Koizora
5. ...............???????????????????????????????????
6. Hul Haruma... the actor I likeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
7. Hul the guys made the first move
8. My..Haruma..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠboohooooㅠㅠㅠㅠ
9. WOW
10. Harumaㅠㅠ

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Their looks have all improved...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow they lost so much weightㅠㅠㅠ and they are all pretty. I'm an RV fan but I also have interest for Apink so I think that I'll join the fandom... their MV teaser looks promising too.. I wish them to hit daebak! I look forward to their chemistry with Doni when they'll go on Weekly Idolㅎㅎㅎ I wish that they become closer with RV too... they are seriously freaking pretty.