Monday, June 8, 2020


Summary: A makeup business' employee released SM idols' pictures and videos at the shooting scene on her own SNS and shared it with her friends


I have an unnie that I know whose relative is working in a makeup store
That person have met with NCT and EXO before and she was sharing those with my unnie in her Katalk group chat
At first, that person was sending stuff about her work process with SM and I just found it interesting
so I started following that person on her IG and she not only revealed SM kids' faces but she revealed all about their shooting place

I've had experience working in the broadcast shooting and CF shooting as a part timer, and the PDs I've worked with always banned sharing about them to the outside, but is it different for SM??? I don't know if she's even allowed to share that in her own SNS;;

Since I like SM's idols, I'm not feeling good seeing this.
Those pictures are the stuff she posted and I screenshot it

The person who released on her SNS isn't part of the filming team, but she's just some worker from a makeup company

"When can I go home..."

Those 3 pictures were posted on her SNS

A: Wow they're f*cking cool. I'm f*cking pissed why aren't they coming to Samseong station? 
B: Are they shooting a CF? Where's the shooting place? 
Employee: I don't know where was it? I forgot *picture*
B: Are they EXO?
A: Seems like it

Employee: *video*
Is that a makeup agency? F*ck I'm freaking pissed. Their backs is so heart fluttering. 

Those 3 pictures were released from their CF shooting place

She's not an employee from SM, she's from another company and she's releasing videos with their faces live while she's working

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It's Seventeen

Today at 12, they released their comeback teaser on IG, they came back in late September last year and finally, they are back with a refreshing concept that the fans wanted so bad

They're finally doing a refreshing comeback, and they have released their album content on Weverse