Monday, January 30, 2017


T/N: sorry guys, we've been doing a horrible job at keeping up with the PC stories due to our schedule TT_TT we'll try to post at least 2 per month!!

Dear pannchoa-nim please post this. It means a lot to me. I'm kind of lost.

Guys please give me advice.

My dad finally left home several weeks ago (my parents hated each other so much since I was a kid, I remember they stabbed each other when I was a kid. Like literally stabbed with knife and blood everywhere) but they loved me a lot. I think my dad couldn't endure it anymore so he left home.

But I would still call him regularly. But yesterday he called me for money since he has no money left (he was unemployed since early 2011, he left home and was moving to another province with my older sisters money). Should I give him the money? It would hurt my mum so bad, since he and his family hurt my mom so much all these years. All the money I saved for my tuition, should I just give part of it to him? I loved him so much that I can't help but be sad at the thought of his condition. But it would hurt my mom so much at the same time. I love both of them. What should I do? I can't ask anyone around me because it's so hard for me to tell these kind of things to anyone. I can't go on consultation either because I'm broke af.

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