Thursday, June 25, 2020


Please give me tips to get rid of my inferiority complex. It's been years now since I can't fix it.
There's a kid in my group of friends who is seriously f*cking pretty that she's even known for it in the all male high school next to ours. She's just f*cking pretty, like a celebrity.

I've always had an inferiority complex towards her normally because she looks so pretty but after this exam period, she even ranked 8th in our science class. I got pushed back and because I was making my inferiority complex too obvious, we ended up cutting ties.

It's not my first or second time displaying my inferiority complex like this but looks like she was holding back all this time and finally got mad...
It's ok if you are f*cking blunt towards me, please tell me something that will put me back in my right mind

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1. [+157, -3]
You just have to accept the reality just the way it is. Does it change anything if you get jealous of kids that are doing better, prettier, smarter and more popular than you? No, even if you are jealous, their beauty won't change and their grades won't fall. These kids that you're envying will just be enjoying their lives no matter how jealous you are of them. They probably don't even care about you so you're the only one who feels bad in the inside and you'll just live a tiring life by checking up on everything that they do. That's just a waste of your emotionsㅋㅋ Your friend is already doing so well. She's not "just" pretty, she's famous around the boy school, looks like a celebrity so she's probably a goddess, and she's even good at studying? She ranked 8th in the whole school? Then she's already a successful friendㅋㅋ there's nothing that can change that no matter how jealous you areㅋㅋ don't mess with her for nothing, just live your own life ㅋㅋ

2. [+70, -24]
I went to a foreign high school and my inferiority complex was seriously severe. Everyone around me was better at studying or were on an exchange because they had good households... even their personality was good so I really hated myself for feeling inferior. At some point, I was studying an English text. The text was saying how when you have a friend that you feel inferior to, and that you think that there's nothing you're good at, instead of feeling inferior, you should be proud. When I read this, I seriously started to feel proud. Suddenly, I just wanted to praise my friends' traits here and there and I was proud of having such friends.. It might sound like none sense to you but this isn't inferiority complex. You can use your friends and make them into your strengths. I changed my mind after thinking like that

3. [+55, 0]
But if you want a bigger reality check, just know that your friend will become even more successful once she becomes an adult...^^ she will get into a good university, get a handsome boyfriend, and will have such a happy life.. I'm indeed jealous

4. [+34, 0]
I'll seriously tell you a tip to get rid of your inferiority complex. Telling you to just accept the reality will honestly not work. Your inferiority complex will just get worse. If you think realistically, think that if you stay close to the target of your inferiority complex and that she becomes successful in the future, you can leech off the crumbs from her table (T/N: get benefits). Thinking like this will help. If that friend does well, she can introduce you to good job opportunities or at a minimum, she can buy you a good meal. Thinking like this would be the best. If you try to get along with her, you can reap the benefits tooㅇㅇ

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If you keep living like that, you'll worn yourself out...


First of all, when I think of someone with sense, it's when someone don't understand even when I tell them the same thing twice or 3 times, and they see that since it's not an important talk, they would just go "Ah~ah" and implicitly let it slide? It doesn't break the flow of the conversation and I find that it's such a tactful actionㅜ


Where would you want to debut between SM, YG and JYP?
Don't mind about the facts that SM discriminates their girl groups, YG is a drug mart, etc. Just look at the benefits when you choose! For me my bias are in SM and they have that family atmosphere that I'm so envious of, their Halloween party also looks so fun, what about you?