Wednesday, April 14, 2021


I'm a staff who worked with actress Seo Yeji.
Nobody at the company wanted to work with Seo Yeji and I cried while telling my company that I seriously didn't want to work with her. But they just told me to endure it and that it will help my career later on so I ended up working with her for a few years.

While working with her, getting sworn at was routine. She pretended to have sense and all but I bet that she didn't know about the effect of second-hand smoking. She would always smoke in the car and even made me buy cigarettes for her.
If I made a small mistake, she would come up to me and puff a smoke at me and get mad. If she went to the washroom and that I didn't come with her because I was eating, she would go "f*ck f*ck" and curse at me. She would say things like "what if someone kidnapped me? And you guys (the staffs) should protect me and block any cars that are coming my way". She didn't treat us like humans but like servants. She f*cking looked down on us.

Also, when she was in a bad mood and didn't eat, we couldn't eat anything either.
Because the "actress isn't eating".

They would occasionally inspect our phones so we weren't able to record anything
I should've had an unused phone with me. It's not like celebrities were some government figures either. I seriously realized how important it was to have a recording.

The night before the filming, she called me to her room and was talking about herself all night so I only got 1-2 hours of sleep. On the day of the filming, we had to film through the night so I dozed off when she went to film but she scolded me for dozing off. So in order to not get scolded again, I ate a candy. But she somehow saw me eating a candy so as soon as she heard the "ok" from the director, she came to me and said "who do you think you are to be eating candies while the actress is working?"
Will you remember if you saw this post?
Seriously, what's an actress? A God?

She would always tell me to only look at her on set and if the company contacted me and that I went to touch my phone, she would ask us what we are doing not looking at her, she would get mad and scold us in the car. And if she saw us talking to other staffs, she would ask us in the car what we talked about and if we came to play around. It was to the point where the staffs on set would pity us and feel bad for us.

Also, she always says how she worked with her emotions because she's an actress so we have to match up with her.
Is Seo Yeji-ssi who works with her emotions the only human here? Are we pigs?
You cursed at us and vent your anger on us, do we not have emotions?
You sucked our blood dry and I don't know if it was a mental compensation but you would sometimes give us gifts and ask "where can you find an actress like me? Who would buy gifts like this for their staffs? You won't be able to meet an actress like me"

I worked with other actors/actresses after Seo Yeji and it seems like all actors are not like her. I truly felt that there were a lot of people who were more humane than her.

Once, I cried after you got mad at me and you asked me what good would it be if I cried so once the filming was over, I held my tears on my way home and cried.

You treated your manager who was way older than you so bad that even the people around you felt embarrassed. The manager was holding their tears back and told us that they were quitting. It was thanks to them that you had that project. You changed managers quite a few times right. It's my first time seeing someone in this industry change managers so many times.

You told us that we had to love the actress we were in charge of so you told us (the staffs) to change our phone background to your picture right? You told us to write comments like "so pretty, she's so good at acting" when there were articles posted about you. You memorized our ID and asked why our comments sounded so similar and told us to write different comments. It was seriously so tiring to doing alba (T/N: part-timer, in this context, it's usually to describe/fans people posting positive comments about a celebrity) for you.
You even forced us to join your fancafe 'Yeji-Holic'.
You always forced people around you but why were you unable to love people back?

Also, if there were bad rumors about her circulating around, she would say that we were at fault and be careful with our mouths since this industry is small. Do you remember threatening us saying that you'll make it impossible for us to work?
Stop tormenting people with that personality and stop appearing on the TV screen.

You're too disgusting. Pretending to be kind, pretending to have sense and pretending to be polite.

Are you going to clarify this post?
Perhaps it was a fight out of love with us (the staffs)?
Seo Yeji-ssi, if you think that this is a controversy, then I request for your clarification for every action that you did towards the staffs in a logical way.
In case you say that this is fake or fabricated, I'll prove this with a picture from when I worked with her.
If you say that this isn't the full truth and deny this, I hope that you remember how you treated the people who worked with you and the staffs who worked with you on Recalled and in this industry. 

Also, Seo Yeji-ssi, while working with you, I've always wanted to continue working in this industry so I was scared and couldn't say anything when you were threatening me. I received psychological counselling because of your verbal abuse and I'm so regretful for the time spent with you. While working with you, I thought that I was going mentally insane.

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1. [+2,109, -47]
Irene was like that too. I don't understand them at all. Are they unable to have awareness of how bad this is? If not, then they know that it's bad but they are confident that rumors about them won't surface? Wow something else came up... Seo Yeji said that the director on set made her breathe the gas from burning briquettes and she almost died. She gave an interview about it. The movie failed afterwards because people boycotted it. But the truth is that all of this was fake and she never inhaled smoke, not even once. The director asked Seo Yeji for a clarification and she left him hanging. The director didn't expose anything until the end for the movie and he's still under great trauma now. Not long ago, some entertainment journalist did a fact checking and made a broadcast on it. Everyone, check it out

2. [+1,901, -4]
Let's clean up the whole entertainment industry starting with this post. I feel like there are so many people affected after reading this post

3. [+1,111, -5]
If this is true... she's seriously scary

4. [+837, -3]
Seriously, I'm not saying this as a figure of speech. She's seriously a real sociopath.. This unnie's story, Kim Jaewook's story and Kim Jung Hyun... at this point, this is all true

5. [+751, -4]
That's why you shouldn't put celebrities on a pedestal... me too I liked Seo Yeji but her fans are seriously severe. She gets praised no matter what she does and they are giving her all sorts of compliments as if she was some godly figure. That's why she thinks of herself as a God and sees others as lower than her. The fan culture nowadays is so strange with the way they praise people so severely