Monday, September 28, 2015


Rapmon and his mom

J-hope and his nuna

Chanyeol and his nuna

and his mom

Kai and his nuna

Jonghyun and his nuna and mom

Minho with his mom and hyung

Seungri and his dad

Changsub and his mom

Ilhoon and his nuna

Changjo and his nuna

Gna and her mom

Hyeri and her mom

Mina and her unnie

Yoojung's oppa

Yoojung's unnie

Luna and her twin unnie

Amber and her mom and unnie

Eunji's dongsaeng

Bang Yongguk's sister and brother

Jaekyung's dongsaeng

Eunhyuk and his parents

Song Mino and his dongsaeng

Jun Hyebin and her mom

Yuri and her oppa

Taeyeon's oppa

Kim Saerong's dongsaeng

and mom

Friday, September 25, 2015


 NAME EXPLANATION - let's see how much you know?
 Loco (Gwon Hyukwoo)
-if he drinks a lot of alcohol, he begins to bark and people would call him "crazy" which is the meaning of Loco!

Giriboy (Hong Shiyoung)
-it's from the saying "see(bo-i) the way(gil-i)". he romanized it so it became Giriboy. the way in front of him is quite promising nowadays!

 Choiza (Choi Jaeho)
-uhm yeah "that" part
 Beenzino (Im Sungbin)
-when he was young there was a singer that he liked named "Benzino". and he stuck the "bin" from his name "Sungbin" so it became Beenzino!

 Blacknut (Kim Daewoong)
-let's omit the explanation
ZionT (Kim Haesol)
-"Zion" was the place where David made the capital for Jerusalem. and the "T" was because it looks like a cross.. (ZionT is a church oppa)
E-sens (Kang Minho)
-it comes from "Essayistic sens" referring to his writing skills, anyways the winner is Kang Minho!
Hanhae (Jung Hanhae)
-his real name