Friday, January 10, 2020


I'm not a Twice fan, but I was strolling around my area
and I saw a bar in the shopping area with multinational women?
And on the billboard was a picture of Tzuyu
I want JYP to know about this
I'm not an idol fan so I'm not sure how I can do this so I'm posting that on Pann
Twice fan, please make a PDF of it

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1. [+155, -1]
They're really putting Tzuyu everywhere... Omg..

2. [+97,- 1]
Please let me know where you took the picture!

3. [+89, -0]
Crazy that's so disgusting

4. [+40, -0]
This isn't only Tzuyu, the other girls on that billboard are also victims. The other girl looks like a Thai celebrity

5. [+27, -0]
What is JYP doing.. They're such a big company yet they can't even protect their own artists; If I was Tzuyu I'd feel disgusted by this

6. [+25, -0]
Aside from Tzuyu, the other woman on the billboard is a Thai celebrity. Usually, our country's actresses' pictures are always stolen and put on international website for hookers and stuff, they would use their pictures to create fake profile pictures, and I've seen a lot of instances like that. But Twice's faces are very well known to the public in Korea, so I wonder how low you have to be to do something like that?? I hope JYP sue them