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[enter-talk] 2016'S MELON YEARLY CHART

1. Twice, Cheerup
2. Gfriend, Rough
3. MC the max, No matther where
4 Urban Zakapa, I don't love you
5. DOTS, This love
6. Han Dong Geun, Making a new ending to this story
7. Zico, You are me I and you

8. Gummy, You are my everything
9. Twice, Like Ooh ahh
10. Reply 1988, Don't worry
11. Im Chang Jung, Love again
12. Crush (ft. Taeyeon), Don't forget
13. Im Chang Jung, The love I committed
14. Dean, Half moon

15. Mamamoo, You're the best
16. Eungji, Hopeful sky
17. Bolbbalgan4, Galaxy
18, Zico, Boys and girls
19, DOTS, Always
20, Gfriend, Me gusta tu
21, SMTM, Day day

22. Wonder girls, Why so lonely
23. Heize (ft. Yong Junhyung), Don't come back
24. Baekhyun & Suzy, Dream
25. 10CM, What the spring?
26. DOTS, Talk love
27. DOTS, Everytime
28. Taeyeon, Rain

29. SMTM, Forever
30. Gfriend. Navillera
31. Lee Hi, Breath
32. BlackPink, Whistle
33. Reply1988, Girl
34, Han Dong Geun, Amazing you
35, Twice, TT

36. Zico, Eureka
37, Gary (ft. Gaeko), Lonely night
38. Urban Zakapa (ft. Beenzino), Thursday night
39. Baek Ah Yeon, So so
40. DOTS, Once again
41. Oh Haeyoung again? If it is you
42.  Oh Haeyoung again? Like a dream

43. Red velvet, Russian roulette
44. Jung Jun-il, Hug me
45. Sistar, I like that
46. Park Hyoshin, Breath
47. Bewhy. The time goes on
48. 10cm. Stalker

50. SMTM, Who you
51. K-will feat. Davichi, Pink romance
52. Ailee, If you
53. Eddy Kim, Lips like warm coffee
54. BlockB, Toy
55. EXO, Monster
56. Kim Nayoung, What if it was going

57. DOTS, Let's love
58. Jang Beom Jun, Fallen in love
59. Park Kyung ft. Eunha, Inferiority complex
60. SMTM, Horangnabi
61. Produce 101, Pick me
62. IOI, Very very
63. MDBC, Moonlight drawn by clouds

64. BTS, Fire
65. Jung Junyung ft. Seo Youngeun, Sympathy
66. Bolbbalgan4, Love that doesn't work out
67. AKMU, Re-bye
68. Lovelyz, Ah-choo
69. SMTM, Comfortable
70. John Park, Thought of you

71. Reply 1988, Youth
72. Baek Ah Yeon,  A lot like love
73. Gummy, We should've been friends
74. Standing Egg, Summer night you and I
75. Unnies, Shut up
76. Eric Nam & Wendy, Spring love
77. Produce 101, In the same place

78. Mamamoo, I miss you
79. Reply1988, Together
80. Baek Yerin, Bye bye my blue
81 .Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint, I
82. Zico ft. Luna, It was love
83. Heize ft. Dean, And July
84. Crush & Loco, Maybe that

85. Psy, Daddy
86. Superbee ft. Blacknut, Shaking in the cold pool
87. Busker Busker, Cherry blossom ending
88. Blackpink, Playing with fire
89. Davichi, Beside me
90. iKON, My type
91. EXO & Yoo Jaesuk, Dancing King

92. IU, 23
93. Park Hyoshin, Wildflower
94. Jimin ft. Xiumin, Call you bae
95. XIA, How can I love you
96. Winner, Sentimental
97. Zion T, No makeup
98. Crush, Fall

99. Crush, Woo Ah
100. Moon lovers, For you

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ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 19:04 신고하기
Monster is 55th but their album is 4th on the album charts. The b-side tracks also did well so they accumulated a lot of clicks with that. I'm sure Melon is scamming them somewhere with this ranking

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 18:17 신고하기
So what's your reason not to acknowledge EXO? Download-wise, streaming-wise and album-wise, EXO did all good during the year

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 18:02 신고하기
EXO has 6 songs wow wow, Monster, Dream, Everytime, Call you Bae, For you

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 19:12 신고하기
Melon music please review again. There's such a huge difference but EXO's streaming and downloads had no issues. Their album ranking #4 gave it away. Anyone can see that this chart is weird.

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 20:44 신고하기
If the songs who were released earlier during the year accumulated more points, EXO would've still been higher than that. You scammers, pay back and fast. It's a money issue

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 20:03 신고하기
EXO got scammedㅋㅋEXO are being underrated digitally and it's severe

ㅇㅇ |2017.01.05 20:54 신고하기
You see them right through. Because they didn't want the chart to be filled with EXO, they shoved other groups they thought were trendy ㅋㅋㅋ Still, this is wrong. Might as well just gave the artist of the year award to Zico


I didn't get the time to watch these dramas when it aired
and when I asked my friends about it, not a lot of them have watched them either?