Sunday, December 3, 2017

[enter-talk] WINNER AND MMA


I'm an Inner circle
Yesterday, fans got pretty pissed while watching MMa.
Yesterday marked the second time Winner attended an award ceremony since their debut
So the Inner circles were all excited and looking forward to it,
but they didn't even attend the red carpet
and during the opening, they didn't have any VCR that introduced them
They were also not nominated in any category
After MMA ended, the Winner kids must've felt so backstabbed
Although the opening kind of pissed us off, 
we were still thankful and felt like it was a honor for them to be there, 
since they had at least the chance to perform 2 songs. 
Lee Seunghoon even said that seeing each team receiving their awards must've meant something unique to each of them, 
He said that he was thinking about how to receive such a previous award, and he said that
it's a hardly earned and important award to them, it's something that comes very rarely
He mentioned about how precious it was to them, it shows that he really reflected on his words a lot before receiving it. 
Because of Yang Hyunsuk, they were sent into such a big vacuum period last year
I'm just so thankful that Winner was even able to receive such an award even after all that happened
I didn't know that we could spend this year happily like that
I'm so thankful for Winner and I respect them so much


No but didn't he look so impressive?
He was dancing slowly at first but then he suddenly burst into a violent danceㄷㄷㄷ
I watched his stage for 1m50 and after that, I could only think about how daebak he was