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He was smiling when his name was called

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"Calculations about the suspicions about the votes being rigged"
Ever since this morning, there was a controversy about the votes being rigged, so I tried to calculate myself. 
There was this part that really really stood out to me that looked so weird. 
For reference I will share what I found. 

[Organizing in 3 lines] 
1. On the last voting, looking at the benefits, the votes that the #10th received was just multiples and divisions of 7,494 and you could see that Tony's votes were added to the other X1 members (t/n: basically they added Tony + Lee Saejin = Kang Minhee, Tony + Kim Mingyu = Cha Junho, Tony + Song Hyungjoon = Kim Yohan, etc.)

2. We still don't don't why they had to multiply or divide, but we removed Tony's votes (The benefits) to re-arrange the ranking

3. Personally, I feel like the new ranking ranking makes more sense, the new people who went up are the ones who benefited from being the PD picks
1. 4 suspicions over the last ranking (You will understand if you looked at the votes below)
(t/n: the highlighted ones are: Kim Yohan, Song Hyungjoon, Nam Dohyun and Song Yuvin)

Suspicion #1 The law of multiples
Each vote were multiples of 7497,445 (the #10's votes = 749,444) and they distributed like that, so the numbers just dropped drastically. 
However, Lee Jinhyuk and Goo Jungmo's numbers are the only ones who have a 0.04 difference with other ranks, the 2 difference scale are the same
In other words, Lee Jinhyuk is just a bit lower (-0.04) and Goo Jungmo just a little bit higher (+0.04)
If you consider the fact that Lee Jinhyuk could've been the #11, there must've been a reason why they purposefully brought him down 

Suspicion 1.1 Using the same multiples to add and subtract
They used 100 as a base to separate the multiples, so that 1~9 were divided by 100, and 11~20 was divided by 100. From 1 to 9 the divider was 279 and from 11-20 the divider was also 279
In other words, the #10's total was 749,444 (common divider) and the difference between the scale from above and below are the same.

Suspicion #2 Traces of the special number (Tony's votes)
Lee Saejin + Tony = Kang Minhee
Kim Mingyu + Tony = Cha Junho
Song Yuvin + Tony = Nam Dohyun
Nam Dohyun + Tony = Song Hyungjoon
Lee Hangyul + Tony = Han Seungwoo
Song Hyungjoon + Tony = Kim Yohan 

Those who received a "buff/manipulated" votes:
#18 -> #10
#17 -> #9
#16 -> #8
#8 -> #4
#7 -> #3
#4 -> #1

2. The recalculated ranking
I recalculated everything removing Tony's added votes. You can see that the new ranking makes way more sense

(first ranking: including Tony's votes and rigging the votes)
1. Kim Yohan 
2. Kim Wooseok
3. Han Seungwoo 
4. Song Hyungjoon 
5. Cho Seungyoun 
6. Son Dongpyo
7. Lee Hangyul
8. Nam Dohyun 
9. Cha Junho
10. Kang Minhee
11. Lee Jinhyuk 
12. Goo Jungmo 
13. Lee Eunsang 
14. Geum Donghyun
15. Hwang Yunseong 
16. Song Yuvin 
17. Kim Mingyu
18. Lee Saejin 
19. Ham Wonjin 
20. Tony

(new ranking by removing the additional votes from Tony)
1. Kim Wooseok : passed
2. Kim Yohan: passed
3. Cho Seungyoun : passed
4. Son Dongpyo : passed
5. Han Seungwoo : passed
6. Lee Hangyul : passed
7. Song Hyungjoon : passed
8. Lee Jinhyuk: passed, but actually didn't make it
9. Goo Jungmo: passed, but actually didn't make it
10. Lee Eunsang: passed, was the X
11. Geum Donghyun 
12. Hwang Yunseong 
13. Nam Dohyun: Actually made it
14. Song Yuvin 
15. Cha Junho: Actually made it
16. Kim Mingyu: The actual X
17. Kang Minhee
18. Lee Saejin 
19. Ham Wonjin 
20. Tony

post response:
original post: here

1. [+342, -11]
Goo Jungmo was really the #9 until the end F*CK how did he end up there

2. [+229, -5]
If you're telling me that this is real, the trainees who were originally eliminated must be f*cking embarrassed right now

3. [+186, -7]
But it's true that the original center was Kim Wooseok? Why are they even changing the center..? Do you know how important the center is for Produce groups? They really changed it however they want

4. [+138, -0]
What the f*ck if this is the truth, and they really manipulated Lee Jinhyuk, Goo Jungmo and Kim Mingyu could've debuted and the center could've been Kim Wooseok??? The members changing is an issue in itself but isn't it too problematic that they even changed the center..?

5. [+137, -0]
Tony f*ck he's f*cking pitiful, they even used his votes for this

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