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He sank down when he announced that Lee Jinhyuk was dropped.. People said that Lee Jinhyuk was his one pick and that he gave him a lot of advice, he really treasured him ㅠ
He also dropped his mic when he announced that Goo Jungmo was eliminated. He really seemed to treasure the trainees so much

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Lee Dongwook's son was Lee Jinhyuk and his daughter was Goo Jungmo ㅠㅠ

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He especially treasured Lee Jinhyuk and Goo Jungmo. He was having it so hard when both of them got dropped, it broke my heartㅠㅠ

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He was telling Jungmo "if you do well on this stage, I'll buy you chicken~ I'll buy you meat~"... They are just all so pitiful. I still remember his face when he was crying while hugging the kids after their last stage. Mnet, I seriously hope that you guys get punished. I hope that your kids get your karma back when they go out in society

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I was in the audience during the live broadcast and before announcing the results, Lee Dongwook went to the staffs to confirm the results at least twice?

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Lee Dongwook's 2 picks were Goo Jungmo and Lee Jinhyuk... I'm a fan of Jinhyuk and before his results were revealed, I saw Lee Dongwook's sad face and I thought "ah, it must be our Jinhyuk...." ㅠ He took care of the trainees from beginning to the end and bought them snacks too. He also cherished Jinhyuk so much so I'm really thankful towards him. I will support Lee Dongwook's future acting projects from now on


First of all, I'm not writing this post to say that this or that trainee among the 20 finalists was more pitiful than another. Everyone was a victim...

It's true that the 20 finalists, even all the 101 trainees were the victims here.
But right now, the trainees that are getting hated are the ones who got to debut.. I just want to write this post to remind you that these were their reactions on the day of the announcement. They also didn't know what was happening

Kang Minhee who was so shocked that he bursted into tears and was unable to do his speech

Cha Junho's jaw dropped from the shock

16 y.o Nam Dohyun who bursted into tears when he got called

Lee Hangyul who kept saying "me? Really?" and who was in disbelief

Cho Seungyoun who felt a relief

Song Hyungjoon who cried sadly when his name was called

Han Seungwoo who lost his upper body strength

Son Dongpyo who crouched down

Kim Yohan who cried on his knees

Kim Wooseok who congratulated Yohan for ranking first and who bursted into tears during his speech...

Lee Eunsang who lost his mind from the stress

Seriously, stop blaming the kids who didn't know anything. The one who's in the wrong is 200% Mnet.

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Whether their debut gets cancelled, or that the members change, or that they just move forward, they will be the ones getting hurt in the end

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Ah seriously;; the producers were the ones faking everything but the kids are the ones to receive all the swears ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Since the beginning, nobody called the producers out for being fakes but called X1 fakes instead. The arrows went to the wrong direction

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These 11 kids were just sacrificial lambs for the adults to play with

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Are they the ones who faked their ranks? Mnet was the one who faked everything. They are the ones who acted like trash towards the winners and the kids who got dropped. They dropped the kids who were supposed to stay and inflicted even greater pain on them, and for the kids they decided to keep, they gave them a guilty conscience ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You psychopaths f*ckers, aren't you guys too much? Seriously, stop joking with the kids' dreams


The 4th guy on the pic is Ham Wonjin and all the other girls around him are sasaengs
I thought they were workers at his company ㄷㄷ

"I was running because it was hot (?) and there were these 4 girls stuck to that guy, I asked around and... Wonjin was walking and started running"

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He must have been so scared. What are they doing to a 19 y.o?

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F*ck, just how scared our Wonjin was? ㅠ

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F*ck, I was wondering what our Wonjin was doing.. he must've been so scared

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Do they think that he'll date them if they follow him around?

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All the Starship trainees' witness pictures are taken in front of their company. This is f*cking obvious


How can this visual become a idol?

Let's go for acting
He's even 183 cm tall
Once he loses his baby fat, he can ascend to Park Bogum's level

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Even if our Jinwoo becomes an idol, he'll turn into an actor in 10 years

2. [+40, -5]
Ah crazy, sorry but I downvoted the post without reading because I thought you were swearing at him ㅠㅠㅠㅠThe downvote was a mistake

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If he looks like this at this age, then he's freaking handsome

4. [20, -1]
this is Lee Jinwoo's legendary gif in my opinion

5. [+16, -2]
Our Jinwoo can be an idol and an actor. I just want to see him on stage ㅜ

[enter-talk] X1'S OFFICIAL COLORS

The one on top is X1 and the one on the bottom is Victon

I'm not a fan of either group but I just fangirl lightly and I use Twitter a lot and I saw this. Aren't their colors too similar? If they make goods, I will barely be able to differentiate between them.

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1. [+111, -5]
No but Han Seungwoo is from Victon, they are seriously trash for doing this

2. [+83, -26]
To be honest, even the order of the colors are the same. But since it's Swing, it can't be helped. The previous group also got sworn at for having similar colors as another group. Why are they like this?

3. [+66, -39]
Even during S2, the album colors were pink and sky blue. People thought that these were the official colors and made a fuss about it

4. [+41, -2]
Were you just a fan of them for 1 or 2 days? If they make goods, of course you'll be able to differentiate them. But the thing is that the leader for both groups is the same so fans are even more sensitive to this issue. The Victon fans aren't making a fuss for nothing, it's true that they are the victims

5. [+34, 0]
No but how are the comments saying that the colors are different? Even the color combination is similar. This is just rude to Victon who debuted 3 years ago, it's just the right thing to change this...


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