Wednesday, July 31, 2019


"6 y.o YouTuber Boram's family company, buys a 9.5 billion won building in Cheongdam-dong"

Ah, my stomach hurts

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1. [+519, -77]
Just seeing how her Shake It video has millions of views really makes me think that the world has gone insane ㅋㅋ This is the prime example of why I lost faith in humanity

2. [+294, -18]
Seeing this makes me want to become a YouTuber too

3. [+226, -4]
I'm jealous. But I've always been curious of this. Do they not go through puberty...? Usually, when you reach 6th grade, you don't really want to do the videos with your mom anymore no? Like Myrin and Kannininni...

4. [+217, -1]
I'm f*cking addicted to YT so I know all the famous YouTubers, but this is seriously my first time seeing her

5. 215, -10]
Yah but shouldn't someone investigate Boram's Youtube channel? No matter how many people replay her videos, it doesn't make sense that she has so many views on her videos. It's even hard for fans to gather views for their biases. What kind of kid can have over 300M views on a video of a kid eating Jjawang (T/n: instant jjajangmyeon)?


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