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t/n: back story, there's been allegations of him involved in school violence for the past week on PANN

I will acknowledge that my words may be harsh.
I was mad and I wrote this in this mentality so I didn't know that so many people would look at this post. I will correct it. Whether he was involved in school violence or not, I'm not here to prove it.
This is the problem of the parties directly involved with this. But I think that if the victim who received the treatment considered it "school violence" then, it is school violence,.

My point here is this: I am not here to judge whether he's done school violence or not, but I will give you the clear details of what happened back then. The victim unilaterally accused Kim Hyunbin of bullying him at school.

During the beginning of the semester, all the male students were generally all friendly towards each other. There wasn't an atmosphere of someone alienating someone else. Of course, that victim was also friends with us. We even went to the PC bang together, and we joked a lot together and teased each other. But when the exam period approached, because of the exam preparations, a lot of kids  went "all-in" into study mode, this included the victim. We never went to those kids and forced them to play with us, we weren't supposed to be this immature at that age. Including Hyunbin, all the kids were like that. But even during that time, because they would still eat with us and we took the same road to school, our relationship wasn't bad with each other.

But at some point in time, even when we tried to reach out for them, they stopped answering and when we tried to hang out with them, they said they'd have no time. When we were joking among ourselves, they'd tell us we were being too loud and there were more and more instances where both of our sides felt annoyed with each other. We would say stuff like "Yah, are you mad? Let it outㅋㅋ " as a joke, but this didn't turn out well. Regarding what the victim said about using mechanical pencil, we never stabbed him. We would poke at his arm with the side of our mechanical pencils, but we never stabbed him with it. 

Even the victim himself, he would stick post-its behind people's back and write stuff like "ret*rd" and "Looking for a girlfriend" that's just the way we joked with each other. The kids would also throw erasers at each other during the break time, they would also put trash in people's hoodies' hat as a joke. However, Hyunbin didn't only do that to the victim, he would do that to other kids, put trash in their hats and joke saying "yah try wearing your hatㅋㅋ" like that.

But at that time, the victim went to tell the teacher on his own and said that the kids kept tormenting him, including Kim Hyunbin, so the kids who were teasing him all had to go and apologize to him. After that, no one bothered him.

I was just so dumbfounded that the victim didn't mention about this detail and wrote as if we were never close together and unilaterally accused Kim Hyunbin. It's the first time that someone around me is a celebrity, so of course, I would like him to do well. It's my first time writing on Nate Pann and I'm writing because I'm so mad.

I'm writing this post "to my advantage", so I can understand if people decide to swear at me, but anyone can exaggerate the reality and destroy someone else's dream.
I'm his friend and I can see how Kim Hyunbin is desperate for this, so I wanted to correct the facts right away.

The committee of school violence and the home room teacher inquired to call Hyunbin's parents, but this is none of my business.

We never bothered the victim after that, we didn't bully him and we never alienated him, they even got along during Kim Hyunbin's goodbye party when he changed school. I even have all of this in our Katalk room, but since I left the chat room, I can't prove it anymore.

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ㅇㅇ |2019.06.29 02:51 신고하기
No but at this point, can't Kim Hyunbin just resolve this with the victim alone?....Why is everyone poking into this.........

ㅇㅇ |2019.06.29 02:34 신고하기
I'm the OP of the post, I saw this post again in the morning so I will release the picture proof later (T/n: he corrected the post with proofs). And don't write anything if it's not official. I'm a student, so I don't have money to sue anyone, but don't try to create that atmosphere. If that kid really hated Kim Hyunbin, would he still be taking pictures with him on the last day? Realistically speaking. There were 4 students in the council in our class, so you really think we'd make other kids do errand for us? 

ㅇㅇ |2019.06.29 02:58 신고하기
I'm saying this objectively looking at Kim Hyunbin's situation... I think that during his school days, he probably got into a big fight with his friends...He fought with his friend and that friend took offense at it...?

ㅇㅇ |2019.06.29 07:24 신고하기
But Kim Hyunbin is kind.. I don't know who it was, but he's the one who wrote that post and it became a huge controversy so I learned about it, but seeing how you released proofs of him not being this kind of person, I realized that he must be living a good like~ He must've gotten hurt, but there are a lot of people on his side too, I hope he gains strength 

ㅇㅇ |2019.06.29 01:49 신고하기
Seriously what's the truth? ㅋㅋ This is making me so confused, just release the proof