Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Ikon-In my class there's at least 1-2 iKonics in it and considering they're rookie, they're above average

Seventeen-There are 10 or so people in our grade who like them, everyday they would gather to talk about themㅋㅋ

Lovelyz-There are some guys who have interest in them, I really liked Achoo even though it was a hit or miss in our class, there are 3 fans in our class!

Oh my girl-I found about them by myself with CloserㅠㅠThey're my style but I don't see anyone else who like them here..even in cram school

Twice-Ooh ahh was so addicting, you can hear their song as soon as it's lunch and our sunbaes really like them too. There's one fan in our class

Gfriend-their song this time is totally my style..there are 2 people in our class who really likes glass bead and Me gusta tu, but I haven't seen other class' fans