Friday, November 20, 2015


Ranking was made from DC's hiphop gallery
(it's written in yellow below the picture how they did the ranking but the lettering is too small so we can't really read it ;; but the ranking is being shared on many korean hiphop groups on fb but most of them just say to look at it for fun and don't really agree with the list, etc XD so we thought that it might be interesting for you guys to see and have a discuss in the comment!!)  

god: MC-Mong
best (R): Tiger JK & Tasha
best (S): P-Type, UMC,  MC Meta, Defcon, YDG
high rank (A): Swings, Maniac, Sniper, Fana, Gaeko, Esens, Verbal Jint
high rank (B): Dok2, Tablo, Gary, Fatdoo, Ignito, Simon D, Bizzy (T/N: the guy who raps with JK&T), San E
average (A): Outsider, Madclown, Nuck (넋업샨), Bobby, Zizo, Vasco, DoubleK
average (B): Tak, Zico, Rimi, GD, Blacknut, Bang Yongguk

SMTM (S): Olltii, B.I, Iron, Snackychan, Jolly V, Miryo, CJamm, Dindin, Jung Sangsoo (T/N: not sure about the other ..)

national legends (T/N: most of them are sarcastic cause they embarrassed themselves mostly in SMTM, or did something controversial XD feel free to ask us in the comment section and we can try to answer ^^)
Uknow Yunho, Newchamp, Heo Inchang, Tymee, Tarae, Giriboy, Yook Jidam, Juseok, Jang Moon Bok (watch here it's self explanatory XD), Lee Sangmin

some comments from FB:
- Cjamm is wayyyy too low
- why did you put Cjamm there?
- hoho Fatdoo is there 
- put Esens in (S)
- why are you ignoring Cjamm? T_T
- Yook Jidam is a legendㅋㅋㅋㅋ
- Yongguk oppa
- are you Cjamm's anti?

please keep the comment section clean ^^ we are all here to learn about new rappers! :D