Saturday, May 9, 2020


Let's write down our incidents!

I was 7 and my mom left the car to go somewhere so she left and kept the doors locked
I was too bored, so I was playing "coo-coo" with the people passing in front of the car's windows and I was just playing by myself
but some ajussi who came wearing a hat walked to the driver's seat and started trying to open the door and suddenly asked me to open the doorㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We used a mini cooper as a car so the handle of the car looked a bit weird and I didn't know how to open the door either. So I told the ajussi I didn't know how to open so he kept asking me to open the door;;; To be honest, if I knew how to open the door, I would've opened it..

Anyways, he kept asking me and I thought that the ajussi was a guard since he was wearing a hat... And I told him "My mom will open for you when she's back!" like that and this crazy f*cker ran away..

What about you?


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Yah, I just removed my makeup and I'm writing this while sitting on my toilet bowl pooping. It was raining just now right? I thought that I brought my umbrella but when the academy ended, I looked into my bag and realized that my umbrella wasn't there f*ck.

So I called my dad to ask him to pick me up but dad told me that he was driving mom and I had to wait for 30 min ㅜ So I was thinking to myself "f*ck, what am I gonna do?" and was going through the list of my contacts. And then I saw a group of guys from my class who were coming down in a crowd. But seriously, I'm really not close with them?

We have math class together but they are 1:1 so we would just solve the math problems on our own, ask questions if we have any and leave. So even in the 1 year we've spent together, we've almost never talked to each other.

One of the guys in the group came to me and asked "you don't have an umbrella?" and I said no so he opened his and said "come here, I'll walk you home" f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck (please don't share this on Facebook). I seriously never had any thoughts about him but my heart was f*cking fluttering. I felt sorry for him so I told him that he can just walk me to the convenience store so I can buy an umbrella. But then he said "buy what? You're gonna waste your money. Just take this and give it back to me on Friday". And he went under his friend's umbrella and crossed the streets......

F*ck, starting from today, he became my crush. I'll use my way of thanking him as an excuse to talk to him so please tell me what to say ㅜ I might send him a gift ticket (T/N: in Korea, you can send "gift tickets" which are coupons for a free meal or drinks usually)? What do guys like to receive as a gift ticket???