Tuesday, February 20, 2018

[teens stories] YAH, LET’S TALK HONESTLY

What kind of student are you in school?
1 A total b*tch
2 Didn’t study but even so, you didn’t fool around either
3 Studied from time to time and made friend easily
4 Honorary student
5 You either had 1 friend in class or none, a quiet student
6 There were bad rumors about you in the whole school so you had no friends
Gogogogo, leave me your comments, I’ve always been curious about this

[enter-talk] SERIOUSLY IU

Isn't it so fascinating that when she speaks, her voice is husky but when she sings, her voice is so clear, and she even produces and writes her own music. She continuously donates her money which is also amazing. Her voice also only gets better with time, I'm just looking forward to see what she can become next