Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Hi PC-Tizens!

For those who don't follow our Twitter, we were gone for a little while to Korea to meet some people and just take some vacations :) That's why our posts have been MIA for a while, sorry 😆😆

As promised, here are the highlights of our trip (and hopefully you guys find this interesting~)

We will try focusing on things that are less "mainstream" (i.e. Hongdae/DDP/Myeongdong/Namsan Tower/Garosu-gil) because those are already well-known touristy attractions!

1. What we did
First of all, this trip was kind of planned on a whim with one of our best friend, aside from meeting some friends, we haven't planned ANYTHING to do 😏😏
After missing our connecting flight to Seoul in Beijing, we were stuck there for 1 day, but it all worked out because we were able to make a new friend from Daegu :)

When we finally landed to Korea we headed to Busan and stayed 3 days there (our new friend tagged along!) and enjoyed living next to Haeundae beach :)
It was our first time in Busan, so pretty much everything was new for us 😅😅

We visited Busan Tower,

and the Gamcheon Cultural Village

PS. For foreigners going there, the satoori can range from Seoulites-sounding to you'll-barely-understand-anything, so just a heads-up! :P

Upon arriving to Seoul, we first unpacked everything at TakuStay (100% RECOMMEND, Check them out!). The most courteous and funny hosts :)
TakuStay's AirBnb (BTW this is NOT sponsored :P)

Aside from meeting with friends, we went a bit crazy on Wanna One 😅😅

We also went on a nostalgia trip to many places including:
Haneul Park: Not too many people depending on the time of the year, very big and you get a view on the city!

Mangwon Food Market: Ahjussis and ajummas selling local products, people there are super friendly and charming 👍👍

Hongdae Flea Market: Happens on weekends normally at around lunch time, not sure when it closes though 😯 Usually, you can find a lot of artsy and hip people selling hand-made stuffs and most of them speak English

We also did super touristy things like:
A LOT of shopping!👯👯

PC-recommendation: Try looking at Marymond :) A brand dedicated to raise awareness about the comfort women issue ♡ http://marymond.kr/main/index

PS. Taking night strolls on our skateboards to Hangang at night is still our favorite thing to do 💜💜

2. What we ate
They're reputed for their seafood (hwe)! But to be honest, it wasn't our favorite thing 😌😌 For those who like chewy raw fish, this is perfect for you!

Of course a lot of chicken 💫💫

More raw seafood! (this was actually delicious) 👌👌 We HIGHLY recommend Prosoycrab in Gangnam but it can be a bit pricey 😿😿

Some very bougie deserts~ The avocado mousse was our favorite :D

A ton of street food while chatting with the vendors~ 💃💃

Since there's no Shake Shack where we live, we had to get it 😂😂 (as expected, SO GOOD)

PC-recommendation! Try out Bonjuk! They're specialized in porridge. Comfort food and super tasty 💜💜 http://www.bonjuk.com/

3. Who we met
Aside from meeting with our usual friends and meeting new friends, we wanted to share with you 2 encounters (?) that might be more interesting to you guys~!

For the first one, we met up with those 2 PDs from KBS. We basically talked about the work they've done before (they did some PD work for Moonlight Lovers (among others) and they're filming a reality show with UnitB).
Anyways, for you Canada folks who are interested in participating in Kpop World Festival (and meet your faves 😊😊), there's a great possibility that a Canadian team will be picked this year, so don't wait to sign up!

As for the 2nd one, y'all Wannables out there might be interested 😇😇
We don't know how much information can be shared so all we can do is tease a bit, sorry!!! Basically we met this friend, called Yohan, back in college and he eventually became a trainee in B2M (those who are fans of Jisung and Daniel would probably know that this was the old branding for MMO~ (with Spica and Lee Hyori)). We met him to catch up on our lives and talk about W1 of course~ 💞💞
To keep it concise, Yohan was the part of the group that MMO planned to debut along with Jisung and Daniel (a 6 members boy group), but this eventually got canned. He's actually the one who picked Daniel in his team and Jisung was his first close friend when he arrived in Korea. Overall, he said a lot of good things about them and they're genuinely nice kids~ BTW, the company wasn't expecting anything to come out from Produce 101 and didn't intend to invest in them, so when they saw what happened, everyone was super shocked 😂😂

Again, we don't know how much can be shared publicly so hope you guys can understand;; and please support Yohan as well! He recently got "bought" by another company that recognized his composing skills and he's currently doing an indie-producer type of competition :) Basically, he's not with MMO anymore, but still has everyone's contacts :) He's planning to debut somewhere next year, so stay tuned for that!

Here's his IG for those who are interested! https://www.instagram.com/aivan_yl/?hl=en

We hope this was interesting to you guys 😍😍
Don't hesitate to share your experience in Korea or any other vacations you had! We'd love to hear and interact with you guys :D

Have a nice day wherever you are!

-PC admins