Friday, September 11, 2020


I'm still getting goosebumps thinking of it now, and I'm just annoyed at this point. I got into the entire school's top 10 with my grades but I usually take all my notes from all subjects within one notebook.
I seriously take down everything they explain down in my notes in all my classes. I was planning to review my notes during lunch and I couldn't find my notes anyways, so I was trying to look for them and asked the kids who gathered in the class if they saw a blue notebook fall somewhere and to tell me if they saw it. And those kids told me that they saw my notebook and were taking notes from the textbook and from my notes, so I told them "it's that my notebook? Why are you guys looking at it?" so they replied that "XX was sick today so they came in late, you work the hardest taking notes, and we were planning to show XX our notes, but since they were lacking, we will show yours instead. You're not mad are you?" They seriously had no remorse when they said thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was f*cking pissed, they weren't even kids I was close with and I was about to take my notes and go but they said "The kid who was sick and late couldn't take all their notes, is it okay if we take a picture of it at least?" what bullsh*t just thinking about it pisses me off

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1. [+348, -0]
If they don't know how to study and have no basic manners, their heads are just empty

2. [+311, -1]
You must've been so pissed off but you should never show your notes to anyone in the future. The kids who saw you let them copy your notes probably will follow and do the same but those kids can't even reach your ankle... Think of it like that your heart will be more at pissed

3. [+233, -0]
Hul why would they touch someone else's notebook??? Crazy f*ckers

4. [+97, -1]
I can bet on my head that those kids are going to copy your notes but will never even study with them. Because the kids who actually study will do it directly themselves, and they will already planned out how they'll do it and what they like to organize it. If they just took it away from you they will not work hard to study either.. Those kids will probably start studying 1-2 days before the day of the exam and cram everything ㅎㅎ

5. [+48,- 0]
F*cking goosebumps... They didn't even get your approval and basically stole your notes