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+ Who is the person who was taking out the mat in the video?


Son Jungmin's death is still as controversial 
Did you guys see the new article that was released today...?

There were 7 witnesses who were fishing around 
on April 25th, around 4:40AM 
They claimed that they saw some guy swimming by himself 

T/n: Context, the latest news talked about a witness who was fishing with his group and who saw someone swimming at night in Han River. The witness started the claim in a Katalk room. Knets were skeptical because SJM dislikes water, but some were starting to believe that he got in the water himself and the friend A was innocent. Below is the Katalk convo where the ''witness'' talked about seeing SJM swimming for the first time. Pann netizens think that the convo was actually made by A pretending to be a witness. The Katalk group is called "protect friend A"

(t/n: to avoid confusion, the only important person is X)
X: Don't worry 
Y: Why has this incident grown so big?
X: Our group was 7 people
Z: Hello, I'm joining this Katalk chat since it appeared in the news
Y: There were nonsense stuff coming out
X: [Someone] was swimming

X: On the first day 
W: Facts are important
X: I'm requesting 128,000won (~110USD)
S: ?

R: I don't think it's suicide either... But If we disregard the impossible and only look at what's left... 
X: I think it was suicide
S: I just don't think it's suicide
T: ?

U: Why didn't you stop them or reported it then?
Q: Can you perhaps let us know you're going to give your statement to the police?
X: I dozed off
(Reply to X saying they were fishing): Did you see yourself that he rolled up in the water?
P: Let's not blame on the witness
X: I'm just protecting myself
M: You're telling me he rolled himself in the water? 

Look at this Katalk convo
What's actually happening here is that Jungmin's friend A made a Katalk convo chat in order to protect himself; 
They're claiming that he got in the water himself to swim
And claiming that it was in fact a suicide
He said that he's requesting 128,000 won for a statement to protect themselves

This person made the Katalk and uploaded this yesterday 10PM 
And the police reported the news about [SJM swimming] today. 
They're saying that they need to confirm it was Son Jungmin 
So people are all going crazy now... 
It was almost confirmed

Do you really think he got in the water himself to swim?
He was laying down from 2AM to 3:30AM, and he rolled himself in the water to swim? 

This is my suspicion. 
This incident broke out today 
I think that the dad was purposefully waiting
and released the another blog post today 

This is Jungmin's phone usage record

Do you guys remember what A was consistent about? 
That he fell asleep from 3:30AM, and woke up at 4:30AM. 
And he doesn't remember anything in between
HE claims that he had a black out and that he lost his memory

But when you look at the data
From 2:18AM, when the picture above was taken, 
Someone was chatting nonstop for at least 30 minutes

Even after that, they were still using the internet data consistently 

Meanwhile, he said he fell asleep.... 
But turns out it was a lie..

Right now, Jungmin's family is fighting a hard fight
If you look at the blog post of the father, you'd realize that the journalists' coverage are weird
Even when we ask them to edit their posts, they refuse

(Talking about a lawyer Jung (A's lawyer) making a group chat with 30 journalists in them)

Meanwhile A's lawyer even made a chat room to speak with journalists
He's basically releasing whatever articles he wants

Looks like the police is still siding with A, what a shame!!

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1. [+531, -32]
He didn't claim that he doesn't remember using his own phone, but isn't the fact that he's an Iphone user using a Galaxy phone without questioning it even more awkward? How can people claim that it's possible to do this because he was drunk when he was persistently using his phone all this time? And he also deleted every texts he sent, his Katalk, his call logs, and you think that this is plausible while being drunk? It's so weird

2. [+498, -32]
So this was yesterday... And I wondered why we had another article saying someone rescued a swimmer in Han River yesterday (t/n: not related to this case, but another case of someone swimming in Han River was reported yesterday)... I've lived in Seoul for 10 years and it's my first time seeing this kind of newsㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+390, -20]
My heart seriously breaks for his family ... Ha

4. [+247, -13]
This is Yonhap News Foreign media channel coverage of the Han River bloodstained.. Looking at the comments, foreigners don't think it's a suicide/failure death.

5. [+209, -8]
All the things that the friend did while "being drunk" are just too much. He took Jungmin's phone so that nobody would find it, but people think it's justifiable just because he was drunk? His friend was reported missing, so shouldn't he be guilty just over the fact that he was carrying his friend's phone so he impeded the search for his friend? So theft is okay as long as you're drunk? Seeing how people are shielding him with the drunk excuse, I can understand why judges use 'being drunk' as a way to give lighter sentences