Thursday, July 9, 2020


I just thought about it randomly so I'm writing this down

This happened 1 year ago, one of my friend was a fan of this boy group (I won't say the name), and she asked me to help her with the ticketing. Me and her went to the PC bang and started ticketing (I'm not a fan of male idols, I just did it to help her).

We are quite experienced fangirls so both of us ended up succeeding at ticketing

My friend then told me since you're not a fan, just cancel your ticket for XX (fandom name), but I was thinking that since I succeeded in ticketing, I might as well go to the concert. I'm not a fan but I still enjoy their songs and those idols were known to have enjoyable shows? That's why I wanted to go.

So I told her that since I succeeded in ticketing anyways, I wanted to go to the concerts and we could go together, my friend's expression became serious and said "you shouldn't do that since you're not a fan... Because of you the real fans won't have a seat, haven't you thought about it?"

We started bickering but I hate to fight with friends over idols so I just cancelled my ticket..

So are people who are not fans not able to go to concerts? If I actually went, I would've learned some of the fanchants and I would've bought the light stick for the concert too... Is it a mistake to wish to go to a concert I want to watch?

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1. [+391, -1]
If I spent my own money for the ticketing, you bet I will go, I can't understand what's the deal of being a real fan or not

2. [+309, -1]
Aren't concerts both for light fans and non fans too? 

3. [+296, -4]
If it was me I would've been so happy to have a friend come with me... And I would've been happy knowing that my friend will learn the fanchants for the cncert too 

4. [+69, -0]
No but you can still go and watch the concert even if you're not a fan, why would you go as far as buying the light stick and learn the fanchants?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Just leave this to the fansㅋㅋ  But there's lots of people who come to the concerts just to watch 

5. [+60, -10]
You're not even a fan? It's not like you're just going to go and sit there looking at your phone and you even want to learn the fanchant because you enjoy their songs? Your friend is weird 

6. [+42, -0]
Huh it's not like she paid for your ticket, why is she picking at youㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Yesterday, during Run BTS, he was playing games and his game window closed. If it was me, the first words I would say would be "f*ck", but Kim Taehyung just opened his eyes f*cking big and was like "it closed!!"... I was so dumbfounded. Kim-bear

[enter-talk] WHY IS SEVENTEEN..

Why do people look down on them so severely? They have been awarded constantly and even last year, they won the Daesang. This time, they sold over a million copies of their albums, their results on the charts were good and they have a considerable amount of views for their Going Seventeen but why do we always hear things like like "we don't know anyone else aside from Boo Seungkwan" or "Seventeen are just not popular"? Is it a set rule that individual members need to be as popular as their team name? I don't understand why people are always nitpicking at them. Also, they have a lot of new fans and they have way more fans than you think. So why are you looking down on Carats? ㅠ You guys just don't care about idols in general. Even my muggle friends know about Joshua, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Woozi, Vernon.. they know all of them? Anyways, f*ck, Just don't say anything if you don't know them. Let's only see pretty words about them~ <3