Friday, January 8, 2021


Share heart fluttering gifs where the people in the gifs are being heart fluttering towards each other. 
Don't share things like idols' heart fluttering gaze or "my heart is fluttering just by looking at them"



 It's f*cking f*cking f*cking difficult to write a song with a refreshing concept. The moment you twist the melody, it can sound flat and if you make a mistake it'll just sound like those upbeat and loud songs. It's way harder than writing dark and strong songs... I know you guys expect having refreshing songs like EXO LMR and Seventeen Aju Nice but it's quite hard to pull off this vibe... You need good producing skills and a big company (like SM) but it's not as easy as you guys think.. 

If you look at representative refreshing songs like EXO LMR, Seventeen Aju Nice, NCT Dream We Young, they all have complex structures. You can follow the songs easily but there's songs like Growl and Overdose which are darker songs, which are obvious, but this isn't the case, you need to create a bright aura. You need to combine different sentiment to make you feel like it's something refreshing... This is why big companies usually don't try refreshing concepts, because it's so hard to make one.. 

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1. [+172, -10]
I'm another group's fan and I can only think of Seventeen Oh My! When it comes to refreshing songs... 

2. [+155, -11]
All teams who dare to pull a refreshing concept for their title track are amazing 

3. [+134, -10]
Seventeen's Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day is a good one 

4. [+102, -85]
If we're talking about refreshing, shouldn't it be TXT..? 

5. [+71, -4]
EXO LMR, Shinee View, Seventeen Pretty U, Oh, My! are the best of refreshing title tracks

6. [+53, -1]
To be honest, it doesn't seem that hard, but you need a certain amount of addictiveness, which makes it hard... Shinee and Seventeen are the tops when it comes to refreshing concepts, they have released not only one but multiple refreshing songs that even made the general public like them. It's because they've made it and remade it again and again 

7. [+47, -1]
Seventeen's Snap Shoot is not refreshing, but super super super super refreshing

8. [+46, -1]
Shine, Just Right are also notable mentions