Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Digitally, they have to make it to the 24 Hits in Melon, how are you supposed pierce through the stagnant waters? (T/N: stagnant waters/고인물 = kinda used to describe people who have perfected their skills needed to excel at something)

They need to sell over 500K copies physically o be considered successful

If their MVs don't hit 100M views, they won't even get anywhere

There are so many mediums of communications so they need to manage all of them. Trivial schedules are increasing as a results

If the sunbae idols' popularity are withering away or if they end up disbanding, the attention is usually successively shifted to their hoobaes but the sunbae idols are still super popular now and are still doing well even after enlisting (T/N: implying that the attention will not go down to their hoobaes)

Idols' schedules for their YouTube contents are increasing compared to variety shows on TV so their schedules are becoming way more intense. To shoot one episode of TV variety, they need to film for a long time. But apply that to having to film several YouTube contents.

Because the broadcast stations now have personal fancams, side fancams, full fancams, ceiling fancams, etc., idols now have to dance more intensely, and perform as intensely even when performing live.

It's seriously difficult for idols to hit big nowadays