Monday, January 21, 2019


12M won = ~10K$ USD

A friend of a Seventeen fan shared: she told me "Seventeen's new song came out so go watch their new MV. I'm proud since I even bought the goods."

"To be honest, she even told me that Seventeen has influenced her school life."

The Seventeen fan started presenting the members one by one which surprised the audience.

The Seventeen fan presented the members' profile, nicknames, personality, etc. from S.Coups to Dino. However, she didn't even know the birthday of the friend who shared her story.

The fan even remembered all of Seventeen's hit songs' choreographies. She has all their comeback celebration gifts and even kept the box of the chicken they were endorsing. She spent over 12M won on buying their goods.

About the money she spent, the Seventeen fan said "if I go to my dad's friends reunion, they give me pocket money. My parents also give me allowance money. I also distribute flyers as a part-time job."

That's not all, the fan also skipped school during exam days and got suspended.

Other friends graduated while she had to double her 3rd year of middle school.

The Seventeen fan's dad shed a few tears and said "she told me that she's not doing bad things like drinking or smoking so I should be understanding. She said that we should treasure her more because she was born prematurely."

Hwang Chiyeol who was on the set said "I was Nu'est's vocal trainer and saw Seventeen. Didn't Seventeen work hard to succeed? I hope that the fans do the same."

Seventeen also personally sent a message to the fan saying "thank you for liking us but you cannot be careless about school. If you work hard at school, we'll invite you to our concert." and made a promise with her. 

The fan said "I will not skip school anymore and become a Carat that listens to her parents".

So she spent 12M on goods...?
Her allowance must be insane

The dad is pitiful

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1. Please be more mature ㅠ

2. 12M... that's severeㄷㄷ

3. Fangirling can be done positively too but that's a case where it went the wrong way...

4. Pitiful

5. What was she buying with 12M...? I'm more surprised by that...

6. Wow her allowance must be no joke, but I hope she becomes more mature ㅠㅠ

7. Wow she has no lifeㅋㅋㅋ

8. Fangirl in moderation....

9. Why is she living like that? Her oppas have their own lives and she has her own life but...

10. Hul that's obaㅠㅠㅠ


No matter what people say, this is just not right
Why are they making these kids wear makeup?

"I'm growing up today too (children (6 y.o) exclusive makeup set.
For our precious skin, children makeup set"