Wednesday, April 27, 2016


T/N: ok so I think that one of the most requested topics that we've got ever since the start of PC was people asking for what's trendy in Korea. We're not trying to ignore your request and there's actually a section in Pann called "beauty and style", but the upvotes are usually veryyyy low (like ~0-20 with no comments), or the contents are really random (i.e: "should I wear this skirt with that" or "look at what Gmarket sent me"). But sometimes, people post celebrity styles that they like, so we can maybe post pictures of the post and do updates once in a while? Or maybe it's a bit boring since you guys can probably Google it yourself XD (unless you're really lazyyyy). Anyways, let us know!!

1. Red Velvet Joy's one piece dress shirt!