Thursday, May 20, 2021



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1. ????????? Are we really supposed to pick idols from them?

2. No but face and height aside, don't they look way too young?ㅠㅠ  They all look like elementary students

3. I'm a bit... Taken aback 

4. Is this middle school rapper? Boys trot? Those aren't the visuals you'd expect for an audition program 

5. Wow the comments are so mean here, why are you guys like this.. 

6. Are we supposed to pick a male idol from them?

7. Are we perhaps picking the 2nd Psy from there?

8. I see no future... 

9. They look way too much like babies

10. Why are all the idols looking like this nowadays? I only trust SM now for idols visuals.. 

11. There are some who are handsome but... They look way too much like young babies. How are they going to debut? 

12. Hul are they all 8 y'o?!!!!!

13. Wow but aren't they too young? I can't tell someone's age but those faces look like babies

14. Wow this is seriously wrong.... 

15. The future looks gloomy.. 

16. ? They must be f*cking good singers

17. Are they going for the Stray Kids vibe?

18. They seriously look like JYP male idols 

19. I hope there are some undisclosed trainees... 

20. They're supposed to be idols...?