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The insider revealed that "Hwang Hana frequently visited the club wearing a hat and mask and had a special relationship with Seungri and Burning Sun CEO Lee Munho." Another source has revealed that Hwang Hana was also known to be close to Burning Sun MD Cho. Cho Moo was previously sentenced for drug use charges in 2016 and at the time, Hana was named as the distributor of the drugs but was not charged in the case.

According to the source, Hana frequently held "hapa" house parties with her friends and other people they met at bars, and they would allegedly get high (take drugs) and have orgies (sex with each other). 'Hapa' was the name dubbed for their "hallucination" house parties that Hwang hosted in famous luxury villas in places like Hannam-dong, Cheong-dam, Yeoksam-dong, and Apgujeong in Seoul.

The insider revealed, "Sometimes, after collecting money and getting drugs, I would go to my friends house and call the guys to come play.
Most of them were single so we would invite all the pretty girls, introduce them to my brothers (friends) and we'd take drugs together."

In particular, the production team tried to contact the drug dealers directly and some of the Korean-American students in the U.S informed the team that there were drug distribution channels for VIPs in Korea.

When asked about Hwang Hana, the local drug supplier said, "I've heard of her. She's pretty and is well known among the suppliers here." Hwang Hana is accused of supplying methamphetamines to her acquaintances in 2015 and 3 instances of drug abuse in February and March this year. Hwang was arrested on April 4th after being arrested at a ward at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, and was handed over to the prosecution.

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Such a disgusting and obscene b*ch

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The most important part of the episode was the ending. We're only investigating the ones who are at the tip of the iceberg and even if they received the list of the drug suppliers and users, they will only reveal the celebrities. The main people of interest will just keep hiding. I'm going to keep a close eye and wait and see which names will be revealed concerning Burning Sun, Kim Hak Eui and Jang Ja Yeon's investigation. Those people held a hallucination party and even had multiple orgies with those girls. Burning Sun's VIP Kim Hak Eui also held an orgy in another villa while drugging girls and rape them while they were unconscious.

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Nevermind that. When is the superintendent going to get investigated?

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When is the police planning to investigate those rape druggies and Seungri?

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What a disgusting b*chㅋㅋ